How do I get these viruses off of my new laptop, and get it back to normal?

I started up my laptop, and then all of a sudden the desktop background changed and said “Your PC is infected!” Then, “system tools” keeps popping up running scans, saying I have 30 infections/viruses. Trojans, spyware, malware, etc… then it wants me to pay like $60 to register and remove the viruses. :/

I have AVG already, so what happened? How do I get the viruses off! It won’t let me get on the internet or anything (I’m on my desktop)…I even tried to uninstall some recently added programs that may have caused it, and it wouldn’t let me. The “system tools” thing kept popping up. I don’t even know what that is, and I didn’t install it.

Also, I tried to go to “system restore” and it wouldn’t let me. I’m not great with computers, so I have no idea what to do. This is a brand new laptop.

Here is some information about my laptop, if you need more let me know: Brand: Toshiba OS: Windows 7

Answer #1

Install a virus scanner, it fixes the viruses and protects your hardrive. I suggest you try Avira, it should be free (got mine on pc format) and so far its been great. Hope this helps:)

Answer #2

How do I do that if it won’t let me on the internet, or open anything?

Answer #3

Its best then to take it to a company that clears viruses.

Answer #4

that sounds like spy-ware and it should not have got through…

you havent got the viruss its saying its just a fake scan trying to get you to pay.

can you do this:…? windows logo/start - run - [type] cmd - ok.

when cmd.exe pops up type ‘tasklist’ without quotes… right now we need to copy this list and the easiest way of doing it is to right click - select all - enter [enter will copy it] now come back and paste but use a fresh box :p i just need everything with a K at the end, the rest you can remove after youve pasted.

can you boot in safe mode and open anything? as booting press F8.

infact boot up in safe mode and run avg.

Answer #5

I copy and pasted…how do I get a fresh box?

Answer #6

I mean I copied, but I didn’t paste. I have no idea how to get a fresh box, I am terrible with computers… so I need a lot thoroughly explained.

Answer #7

Okay, lol…I figured out how to get the fresh box. Just like before right? Run>cmd=fresh box…correct? I pasted it into a fresh box, so now what?

Answer #8

Lol, never mind Matt, thanks. It’s straightened out now. I went into safe mode, and ran AVG scan, then done”system restore”, and uninstalled a few things that I think caused it. Thanks.

Answer #9

System Tools is a rogue program, as far as I know, which means that you should use a scanner on your laptop that picks such infections up. Most scanners, especially AVG, suck for this. I personally dislike AVG and never use it.

In any case, I recommend that you download a program named “Malwarebytes anti-malware”. It’s free, and you do not need to pay to remove issues. You may get it by going to this website:

Once you have it downloaded, put it on a flash drive and transfer it over to your laptop, or burn it on a CD if you have no other option. Then try installing it. When it’s installed, go to the Update tab, then update it before scanning with it.

If this doesn’t work, shoot me a FunMail and I can try helping you more.

Take care.

Answer #10

I fixed my laptop, and it’s back to normal. What do you recommend downloading to prevent this from happening again, since AVG isn’t good?

Answer #11

i ment a fresh box on here…

ive just tried to install system tools and avg didnt allow the installl, infact it didnt even allow teh download so ive got no idea how you picked it up……. so what simplychallenging said is just untrue.

is the avg virus database up to date?

Answer #12

a recent post on…

I’ve scanned with Malwarebytes Anit Malware, and nothing came up, not even what is causing System Tools 2011.

Answer #13

Try RISING Anti virus software, Personally it’s my favorite, it removes all kind of viruses, just download it’s latest version and after the installation UPDATE the Rising. Enjoy :)

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