Is it okay to not have virus protection (Avast, AVG, etc...), so long as you only visit safe sites?

Avast is giving me some problems, and I don’t really want any virus protection. I don’t go to any unsafe websites. I think I would be okay without it, what do you think?

Answer #1

I’d advise against it - even safe sites harbour spyware that can cause pop-ups or links to unsafe sites….you should protect your computer at all times.

Answer #2

Well I am having trouble with avast. I turned my laptop on this morning, and started making a loud buzzing noise. I had to manually shut it down. Then, when I turned it back on…it said something about avast failed to update or something.

Answer #3

I haven’t had an anti-virus for months, and I haven’t had a problem yet… Although I do intend to get AVG again eventually. Don’t know what happened to it in the first place. One of my friends who’s really good with computers never uses an anti-virus because it slows down your computer a bit, of course, he actually knows how to fix computers if they get a virus. So, if you don’t know someone who’s a little more skilled in the computer department, might be a bad idea, because I’m assuming it’ll cost you to get things fixed, another good idea would be to back all your files up so you can’t lose anything important.

Answer #4

It says the package is broken….?

Answer #5

I don’t think that’s an Avast problem - Avast couldn’t update because something else was happening….there are other free anti-virus softwares you can use, though…

Answer #6

Uninstall and reinstall?

Answer #7

If you are running any flavor of Windows than you pretty much have to run some form of virus protection. These machines are just too vulnerable.

MacOS fares somewhat better; since it is based on UNIX it has a better security model than Windows plus since there are far fewer Macintoshes than Windows PCs fewer people write malware targeting Macintoshes. I would still run virus protection here though.

Linux is pretty safe for many of the same reasons MacOS is safe; it is UNIX based and not commonly used. At my shop we have started installing virus protection software on our Linux hosts; it isn’t so much to protect the Linux servers; we have had no problems with the Linux servers themselves being infected but we want to prevent them from allowing PC malware to move through these systems in e–mail, shared drives or transfered files.

Answer #8

I just reinstalled it, It’s happened twice before…I’m sure it will happen again. I don’t know what is wrong. :/

Answer #9

i agree wit colleeen,, you should alwayz have good up to date protection!!

Answer #10

Naaaah viruses can still get into your computer..i have avg for now .. but soon im gonna have to get norton or something.

Answer #11

I wouldn’t do that. Norton sucks.

Answer #12

Yes, Norton does suck.

Answer #13

There are some websites you can get virus protection for free from, it’s always best to be protected.

Answer #14

you must have protection at all times unless you 100% know for a fact that the site isnt infected.

same goes for partners.

norton is crap and will suck you resorses dry.

ive told you before that AVG is the only 1 i use now and ive had nothing get through..

ok watch:.. infact i cant be arsed to make a vid but look at what avg will do for you.

it will tell you from the major search engines what pages are clean.

so in short, no its not ok to be unprotected. :p

Answer #15

Is AVG free?

Answer #16

the free version is :p

you get anti-virus and anti-spyware protection:

avg free edition contains:

  • Surf and search with confidence AVG LinkScanner’s® real-time protection.

  • Stay protected on social networks with AVG Social Networking Protection.

  • Enjoy a faster running PC AVG Smart Scanning works while you’re away and runs in low-priority mode when you return.

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest threat information from the AVG Community Protection Network and AVG Protective Cloud Technology.

Answer #17

but no firewall ;)

Answer #18

Okay. Would you say I’d be better off with the free AVG, than the free Avast?

Answer #19


Answer #20


i am you might well know prefer the paid version and i recently got the free upgrade from avg anti-virus + firewall to their full internet security package cus they discontinued it and i tell ya this puppy goes like the stink.

im using the 64 bit version and it takes 7 mins to scan my whole computer on a slow scan :O

i love avg :p

Answer #21

Okay, well thanks. :] I switched from Avast to AVG. Haven’t had any problems yet. :D

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