What is your views on regional public schools, and would you want your kids in this type of school system?

Answer #1

I attended public schools my entire childhood, and i plan on sending both of my children to public school as well. The schools in our area are great, they offer tons of classes, electives, extra curricular activities, and programs for the students. The grades and achievement rates for our area are also pretty high considering what a small poor town it is. I dont think there is anything wrong with public schools and imo the studets that go to private schools in our area are the ones getting in the most trouble and dropping out.

Answer #2

Private school sucks. Only send your kid there if he’s troubled. But seriously it’s awful I love public school, much better. More options.

Answer #3

hello sir, ive been going to public schools all my life, but just recently, i moved and my mom and dad agreed that a catholic school would be better, and to tell the truth, the kids there are down to earth,a nd very friendly. there is also much less problems, and they give very good education:) i would reccomend a catholic school for your children:) hope this helps

Answer #4

I think they are just fine, I have went to public schools all my life and I have had a good expiriance, theres great programs and also extra sopport for kids who need help or are falling a bit behind. I also think that it provides you with mixing with different people, and expiriancing different sides of stories, yes, in a piblic school you get influence around, but you get them in the world out there as well so might as well get used to it. If students try their hardest in school and have sopport from an adult I think it does not matter whether a schoo is public or private.

Answer #5

For the first few years of my education, I went to school in the former East Germany. Then, my family was able to come to the United States and I attended school there. Almost every aspect of life in the US was better, but in public schools, I don’t think this was true. My math and science skills were ahead of my classmates, and the only areas I struggled in were reading and vocabulary since English was still new to me at the time.

I think in the United States, the public education you receive depends completely on where you live. Some US states do very well in education, while others do poorly. If I was living in an area where public education was poor, I would want the freedom to send my children to a private school or home school the child. But I don’t think the US public schools overall are failing, and many offer outstanding opportunities to interact with new technology, observe modern workplaces, acquire critical thinking skills, and participate in well rounded activities. I would research education in my area before deciding whether to send my child to school there. Germany’s weakness in education is class-based: Germans funnel students into tiers very early in their lives and this system is now being questioned. In America, the problem is that education is locally funded, so it depends on whether you live in area that’s doing well, or is off poorly.

Answer #6

Obviously different people have widely different experiences in public schools.

My biggest problem with public schools is the large amount of homework they give now. It would be one thing if the homework was useful but it seems to largely be busywork to me. When I went to public school homework was light and infrequent. Seeing the young graduates I do not believe that all the extra homework has made them smarter or more disciplined.

Answer #7

You have nothing to backup your statement. Please expand on why private schools suck.

Answer #8

They deform the lesson plans to make it seem more God like. Way too much homework, and they are very small with not enough kids. Its like being in a bubble. Too much rules, you can’t express yourself therefore I’ve seen many of my friends go wild in their free time. Also in my school you have to be very involved with like money and politics for your kid to be popular and most kids who go there are rich brats. So if you’re not rich, you won’t be accepted. Ive been to three private schools all of them were like this

Answer #9

I went to public schools all my life, and if you’re not rich…you’re not popular there either.

Answer #10

Yep I’ve also noticed that. So the bigger the school is, the more cliques. This way there is no popular group only groups. So in my opinion if you wanna dodge the whole popular go to a big school with more kids like in the thousands

Answer #11

i was in private education as a young child, and the building was old and the boilers have a habit of failing, you got to be prepared for going to private schools cuz quite often they are old buildings. when i went to secondary school i went to a normal state school, i felt that there was more of a community feel and you are allowed to expand your social horizons a bit more. hope this helped

Answer #12

Even if i was rich i would not send my child to a private school. I want my child to experience and absorb real life with real people rather than hang out with rich kids who know nothing about reality and real life. I want my child to mingle with all kinds of personalities with all kind of backgrounds so to prepare her for the real world, not just one kind of personality where if your not rich your nothing.

Answer #13

Just for the record, I am a rich kid and I do know about reality and life. If anything, going to private school has helped me brace myself for life and get with the program.

Answer #14

I have to agree with you Nikki, also what is the real world, is it hanging with goons, d-r-u-gs, sex, and other things of this nature or is it learn economics, big business, government, learning how to make in the real world financially. I think in the world it is not what you know, it is who you know.

Answer #15

Exactly. I’m currently at a private school that preps you for highschool then college and beyond :) so it all just depends on which path you choose

Answer #16

Some public schools aren’t so grade because of their teachers or students. Private Schools have better teachers and better chances of getting to a good college. Private are more expensive and might consist of a uniform, but considering that their way better than public schools. But some public schools are good.

Answer #17

I know of a public school that has a program that when a student has sucessfully compleated he may recieve scolership to collages any where in the world. I am talking London, Paris, any where. yet most students opt out becuse of the work that is required. They want to have fun. Many people feel taht privet schools a re better becuse of the disaplin the schools are safer, the class sizes are smaller, the curlum is better, yet I ask why can’t the public schools be as good. The truth is that they can be it all depends on the comunity, the city and state. If people were willing to do what needs to be done then we will have good school. But that would cost money, and a lot of people are not willing to pay.

Answer #18

I personally think it’s alright as long as there are tons of girls or boys for your kid to be friends with…but public school is ok too it’s just i don’t know..most of the schools in our area aren’t good at all.

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