Very dirty truth or dare questions

I just need dirty ones! Hehehe! I am having a sleepover with one of my friends and I need dirty ones. Mostly Dare I like that better. So come up with dirty ones please. No websites!!

Answer #1

lol this is really naughty have a girl put her hand in one of your guys friend’s pants!

well I hope I helped xoxo coolgirl

Answer #2

im not good of thinking up dares but the bast one I ever got dared to do was run out to the doc and flash a yatch…it was so much fun!!!

Answer #3

Some good ones for when you at caravan parks or holiday parks: If there are public toilets/bathrooms, go take a shower in the opposite sex’s bathroom Go up to a person’s tent or caravan or unit and start making really loud sex noises until they wake up (at the beach) Go skinny dipping Go pick up a random person to come play truth or dare with you.

Answer #4

diirty…dare…get one of your best guy friends over that you know she likes and dare her to kiss him

Answer #5

Order a pizza and flash the delivery guy. Or dare sumwun to put honey in there bra and then were it. Something crazy

Answer #6

Ummm if you mean dirty like naked stuff lol then dare some one to run topless and cross the street!! Lol or like if there’s a guy there then dare him to put a bra on and makeup and walk down the block?!?! Haha I don’t know when me and mi frends play TorD then its WAY dirty so if you want sum reallyyy nasty ones then funmail me and ill try replying because mi FM is acting gay!! Lolz


Answer #7

my friend one dared me to like call domimos and order. then when they get there, you like ask them if they would have sex with u, and if they say yes then you have to like bring them inside and start making out with them. then when they ask for a tip, you flash them!! and if they say no… then you say your lost and you slamm the door in their face. omg when I had to that it was hilarious the dude actually said yes so I had to make out with him.

Answer #8

Sorry we are bolth girls!

Answer #9

Dare someone to run around the garden at 12am exactly, stark naked. Or dare them to strip at the window Or, if you have a trampoline, dare them to jump stark naked on it. All of these at night of course, unless you’re feeling brave then do it in daylight. I’ve done all of the above, sadly the milkman caught me in all the nakedness when I stripped at the window. Was well funny :P

Answer #10

dare someone to go through the drive up window in undies only.

strip outside your car in the mall parking lot.

buy underclothes of the opposite sex… after trying them on in the nearest dressing room.

Answer #11

make a guy lick a puss but shove a numming plesur gel so his onge gos numb

Answer #12

dare a guy to play are you nervous yet with a girl

Answer #13

dare somone to go commando for the rest of the game, sare someone to rub there nipples against a car, make two boys or girls makeout, make a guy measure his spot, make a girl measure her nipple with a coin, dare off a lapdance, truth if it was good, make somone llick whipcream off someones stomach above their undies. make a girl fake a LOUD orgasm, [funny] make a guy immitate her [funnier] make someone wear underwear outside of pants, have a guy pick a girl and wear her bra, swap clothes make someone have a dog lick peanut butter off their face or buttcheek, then have a person do it, have some one flash, be a stripper, pretend to be a hooker, and immitate with someone what they’d do,

that’s about it,

have fun, hope nit helped, untilnexttime.

Answer #14

lol! I love the funny/dirty truth or dare games! ok…you can put peanut butter in between your toes, or make a sick drink like, chocolate, sour cream, and popcorn and mix it together!!

Answer #15

dare people swap undewear and make them sit in it for the rest of the gsme

cover a girl in syrup/sauce and make a guy lick it off

Answer #16

ok one dare is that your friend should close her eyes and you should take off all of your clothes and you should make her kiss a part of your body and if she guesses wrong then you have to keep making her kiss different parts of your body until she guess’ right. and another one is you suck her but in the shower or make her strip naked and lay down in a box of ice for 2 minutes! have funnn:D

Answer #17

stick a dog treat up your hole( do I need to specify?) or up your nose then have someone eat it eat dog food( after the dog has) call a guy prending to be a play boy bunny tell someone random(tate)that your sister goes to lsu like his brother and that she is a cherleader and used o work at Hooters and that we should hook them up some time when you dont even have a sister well I don’t know of this will work 4 u(LOL)

Answer #18

aww I love this bita girl on girl;).. if it just the two of you thats pretty kinky.. dare her to kiss you first if she does it and you no she likes it ask her somek a little naughier like take of your clothes and kiss your boobs.. then when it gets really durty ask her to touch your pussy.. and if thats kinda night your looking for you might get her too lick some wer too;)

Answer #19

Once, my friend had to have sex with her life size stuffed animal, it was really funny. someone else had to call her crush and tell him that she had sex with a teddy bear. The other girl had to stand up on a bar, strip, and do a dance for us, naked, on the bar. me and this other girl had to make out for seven minutes straight, so it was like seven min. in heaven, but not in a closet. than I had to order pizza, and when the guy came, I had to answer the door in my underwear, with no bra. it was sooo funny

Answer #20

wow yeah people are weird… me and my friend did some of this… not lesbos (:

hugged eachother topless kissed boobs ran around topless felt eachothers boobs 4 20 secs put whipped cream on eachothers boobs and cherries on eachothers nipples and sucked it off eachother! we held up our shirts to the window and presed are boobs against the window (: at 2 in the mornin hope this helps!! have funn!! (:

-kayla and kasandra

Answer #21

walk to the shops naked and if someone asks you to do stuff round back, you have to do it!

Answer #22

Apply cool whip to each others groin, then eat it off 1another.

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