Dirty truth and dares

What are some dirty truth or dares I could ask?…im having a party with boys and girls and I want to play.

Answer #1

okay 1.lick the person next to you from their neck to their belly button.

  1. make orgasm noises for 20 secs.
  2. make out with a person of the same sex for 30 sec. or a person from the oppisite sex for 2 min.s 4.strip down to your underwear and hump the couch. flash or moon everyone. <3 ask me if you want more
Answer #2
  1. switch socks with the person to your right

  2. wear a bikini instead of a tankini

  3. eat pie with no hands

  4. watch a pg-13 mooovie 5.turn off all the lights and dance for 20-30 secs

  5. chug a coke

  6. say all the cuss words you know (you can whisper if youre not comfortable)

  7. crank call the cutest member of the opposite sex in your school

  8. howl at the moon now for the grand finale…drum roll please…

  9. sext everyone in your contact book…even your ‘rents ToT

Answer #3

something with stripping. sexual things. I woul ask kate14 for some more. she has good ideas. for truths ask if the would pole or lap dance for ten bucks or something.

Answer #4

Dares: Lick chocolate spread off someone else’s neck, get your mates to choose someone and snog them for at least 3 minutes, flash your underwear to the whole room for at least 10 seconds, receive a spanking from the cutest person in the room (Lol!), give someone in the room a massage with oil in their underwear!

Truths: Have you ever played with yourself? What’s the strangest thing that’s ever turned you on? What’s your bra size/underwear size? Have you ever shaved your lower pubic hair? Who would you rather sleep with: Michael Jackson or the girl from the exorcist?

Ooh, that lot was foul … hahaha! Have fun (or behave … whichever you choose!)

Answer #5

make the person take off all their cloths along with someone of oppisite sex and make them touch privates while kissing make them eat whipecream off of someones buttcrack make them put a cherry stem in there penis and have a guy eat the charry while sucking his penis( someone made me do this) make them jack out in a corner then drink the sperm

Answer #6

1:stick a cold sausage in each other’s belly buttons and then suck them out and eat them. 2order pizza then flirt and flash the pizza guy and shove the pizza in his face. 3:walk around town in your underwear while lap dancing. enoy :o :o :o

Answer #7

kate 14 could you please post some more?

Answer #8

have everyone sit in a circle naked (boy girl boy girl) and have them grab the person to their rights parts

Answer #9

1.jack off while someone is taping.2.go skinny dipping with a friend.3.drive aroung naked.4.lap dance somone and both of you have to be nude.5.go walking naked next door and ask them if they want to have a 4 sum(but inly if there hot).6.were a bikini and but bunny hears and strip in front of a guy while taking of you close.7. scoop your best friend.8.eat your banna in the beast ways.9.if your a boy like of a girls boob.10make a guy get horny or jack off then colect all there sperm in a cup and then drink it all the way…

Answer #10

pick someone and go into a room and make love for 10 min record this so the rest of the group now you have done it put a blind fold on a fit girl and then get 3 objects dildo, carrot and a guys penis stick them in her mouth and see which one she likes and then get her to suck it for 1 min. (my mates did these)

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