Can vegtarians eat chicken flavored mr. noodles?

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they can eat it but they probably won't

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I think veggans r the ones that don't eat chicken along with other meats they don't eat

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it says chicken FLAVORED on it... not 'contains REAL dried chicken FLAKES' YAAAAY.....

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it also depends on what type of vegetarian they are though cause som will eat fish but no other meat and others will eat eggs and dairy products those ones are ovo lacto vegetarians ovo meaning eggs and lacto having to do with milk

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Vegetarians can eat whatever they please, the make their own rules about what goes into their bodies and what doesnt. Chicken flavored does not mean it has meat in it however, it means its seasoned the same way that chicken would be. So yes, generally they can still eat them.

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Well I think everyone needs to have a better rules on what they will still in their body, but I think you are right, it is their preference on what the call meat, or bad meat.

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Yep veggans r differant, I think they don't eat any kind of meat, eggs, cheese, u know no dairy products either

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I think it's vegans that can't eat stuff to do with meat or dairy products

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I think that's right to

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Vegetarians do not eat meat, but are free to eat dairy, such as cheese ice cream, and they can eat eggs as well.
Vegans cannot eat milk, ice cream, cheese, eggs, nuttin.

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That's right

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If you are the type of vegetarian that does not consume any products derived from animal meats or fats then you may want to stay away from it. Usually chicken flavored has some type of chicken bullion or flavors derived from chicken. Its best to just read the ingredients to make sure.

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I'm currently becomming a vegetarian, and its not at all hard. I was a meat lover, had meat everyday, even yesterday for supper. Then I watched some vids,and noww, here I am , gaging as I shift though my pasta, removing the microspic pices of meat, with my stomach churing knowing that some of its inside meee..

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I'm a vegetarian and I eat chicken flavoured mr. noodles because it's artificial flavouring, just when you're reading ingredients make sure to know what some things that are within the food.

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