Why be vegetarian but not vegan?

Many vegetarians talk about how they hate the thought of killing animals. However, I think dairy farms, chicken farms, etc are just as cruel if not MORE cruel than just fattening up a pig and slaughtering it. I don’t mean to offend anyone in any way, but it appears to me that if vegetarians really loved animals, they’d be vegan. I’m under the impression that it’s too much work, time and money to be a vegan, thus so many half-vegetarians. Please correct me if I am wrong. And I don’t think this question applies to vegetarians who don’t eat meat because it’s unhealthy, gross, or too many hormones/chemicals.

Answer #1

Well, it’s a lot more difficult to be vegan because a lot of food products contain dairy or other things that come from animals.

Answer #2

Exactly. But how can vegetarians boast how much they’ve sacrificed for animals when truly, their just not commited enough to be vegan?

Answer #3

I don’t see vegetarians “boasting” about how much they sacrifice for animals. Very few vegetarians I know are self-righteous and those who are self-righteous don’t stick with vegetarianism for long; once they figure out that being a vegetarian doesn’t really impress people any more they find another moral bandwagon to jump onto. Your argument seems to be if someone isn’t willing to go all the way they shouldn’t bother. If we applied this to everything than nobody would do much to help anyone else.

Answer #4

Growing up around my dad turned me into a meat lover, because he is an avid hunter. My favorite is deer meat, we have a freezer full of it in the basement.

Answer #5

Exactly. At least they’re contributing to animal rights in some way. And I’ve never heard a vegetarian boast either…

Answer #6

yes i know its a life style choice ut humans are ment ot be omnivorus meaning we are ment to eat both meat and veg.

I hate it when i invite friends to a dinner party and their +1 is a vegitarian or vegan.

As for vegiterians u know they usually eat unfertilise eggs right? u know u can have a couple hens but not rooster/co. ck around ^^

I think instead of being vegan or vegitarian just try your best to by free range and organic produce :) I try my best too sure its pricy but the more people who do buy free range and organic they will make it more popular thus making it slightly cheaper sure it will never be as cheap as caged products etc but still cheaper if more people get on the band wagon ^^

u know u can still be for animal welfare but still eat meat lol

Answer #7

Equally radical in the opposite direction is this restaurant called The Heart Attack Grill, lol. Their menu boasts “Triple Bypass Burgers,” etc.


Answer #8

The only ones I’ve heard “boast” or lecture me and my family about our eating habits, have been vegans. The vegetarians I know are far more respectful of others.

Answer #9

For my own health reasons. I can manage being a vegetarian without too many sacrifices. I could not manage being a vegan. I might feel guilty about eating meat, but I’m still not going to risk my own health in order to try and be vegan. And for me, the reason I don’t eat meat isn’t necessarily because I feel like I’m saving animals. My philosophy is that if I couldn’t take the life of the animal myself, I don’t have the rights to eat it. I wouldn’t feel bad about milking a cow or taking the eggs from chickens.

Answer #10

I just turned vegetarian and it’s not that I hate the thought of killing animals it’s that the meat hurts my stomach. I mean I go hunting and everything. The only meat I eat is white meat so chicken and sea food. I can eat turkey and deer. It’s just pork and beef that hurt my stomach badly. It’s easier and way healtheir to eat all white meat. I still eat dairy too. I guess it just depends on the person. I mean I have 3 or 4 friends that are the same way about food. They can’t eat beef or pork.

Answer #11

Do u think its the hormones in meat that may cause you to have stomach prbs? have u tried organic and free range meats?

Answer #12

The vegan life style is very hard for the fact of not getting enough nutrition. You may not believe in eggs or dairy but they are in mostly everything.

Answer #13

Also, my dad, my brother, my grandma (sort of), and my brother’s girlfriend are all vegetarians. They are all doing fine.

Answer #14

It depends in your body if you can be vegan, for some are allergic to spices or herbs or nuts or some particular vegetables or fruits. If ever you choose to be vegan you have to find out the dietary food that you can eat daily or the best supplements of proteins, vitamins that can be good for you. As for vegetarian it means you can eat dairy food. Some vegetarian they eat eggs or fish only, And for some are strictly vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs, anything natural food that has no meat, no blood of animals. Furthermore it is very easy for a whole family to be vegetarian because you will get the motivation, support, cooking skills as a family unit in that way is so easy to live by it as daily life style and also it is good for your health. Therefore I am in favor of vegetarian rather than vegan….

Answer #15

No I haven’t. I don’t know about the hormones. I’m pretty stressed all the time.

Answer #16

All the vegetarians I know also make sure all the animal products they do eat come from ethical sources where the animals are treated well

Answer #17

Omnivorous means we can eat a wide variety of foods not that we must eat everything. Humans have adapted to available food in every area of the world. Some humans live on little else than seal meat and whale blubber while other humans live on little else than berries and tubers. Physiologically humans are far closer to herbivores than carnivores pointing to mankind eating mostly plants throughout most of our evolutionary history. True carnivores like dogs, cats, vultures, eat can eat putrid carrion that would kill a human. A vegetarian diet is closer to the diet humans evolved on than the diet of fried and fast foods most people eat now. Junk food addicts have far more to worry about nutritionally than vegetarians.

Answer #18

My uncle was a cattle rancher and gave us all the beef we wanted. I was very much a meat and potatoes kind of guy until I tried vegetarianism. I discovered that there are a whole world of tastes and textures that I was missing especially ethnic foods. Ironically I eat a far wider variety of foods now that I restrict myself from eating meat.

Answer #19

i beleive everything in moderation ^^ inc moderation lol jk

Answer #20

Thanks for all the answers. I think I’m under the impression that all vegetarians are like the vegetarians in my highschool… Just doing it because it’s a ‘fad’. Thanks again, especially fill of spam.

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