Am I going to get pregnant if I use a condom?

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for like 9 months now…We’ve gone from holding hands to blw jobs. Now I want to go further. I am NOT on birth control but I do know he is getting condoms and I wouldn’t DARE have sx without one. But I know he has NO std’s cus he’s a virgin. I do love him and want to be with him. People say wait but I dont want to. Im serious and I really dont think im going to regret it. He doesn’t preasure me or anything else. He said it happens when it happens. Well I want to now. So am I going to get pregnant if I have sx just using a condom? I dont want a baby, but I wan to have sx with him. Honestly please dont lie to me but am I going to get pregnant if I ONLY use a condom? With NO birth control?

Thank you so much…I really need the help Youto18

Answer #1

Hello, everyone here is going on pretty much what other people say am I correct? yes this girl may be imature and might think that SEX is the right thing right now?

maybe it is? maybe they do love each other! theres no wrong time for Sex its when you are emotionaly attatched to that person. my first hard fell love was when I was 14 years old we were togeather for a year and I had feelings for that girl That I couldnt even explain! and I wanted to loose my virginity to this person no matter what anyonoe else thought. I never did it out of pleasure . sure we new it was going too feel amazeing. but while pleasureing my girlfriend it was out of love! This goes for any boy or girl out there! its not the Publics Decsion on weather or not yoou have sex with your spouse or your lover. ITS WHEN YOUR PHYSICALY AND MENTALY WILLING TO HAVE SEX WITH YOUR partner!.

And also… NO you will not get preganant if you use a condom ONLY if you have not ejaculated before dooing so there are possibilitys of some seman getting on your finger on to the top who knows but 30% of that chance is that the sperm is killed but still chances of getting preganant. :) I hope this helps. listen to your heart. not your age or some stupid comment some person leaves Thanks Play it safe Slip it on Play the love song :)

Answer #2

You guys, she asked if she’s going to get pregnant if she only uses a condom. You guys do NOT know her. You have NO idea if she is or isn’t emotionally ready. Some people have no problem with teenage sex and consider it a normal healthy part of teenage life (with proper protection of course), but most people seem to have a problem with it.

Sex is great. Use a condom. Condom+birth control is best, but a condom alone when used properly usually works just fine. I hope you two have fun :)

Answer #3

nope condoms only help 85 percent. you will still be 15 percent pregnent which means 1/2 a baby sweet heart

Answer #4

it is very possible. condoms are MEANT to be used to get SAFELY PREGEANT, not prevent pregancy. you should wait till you get married, so the first time is really special. no matter what he tells you, ALL MEN ARE PIGS! they will say whatever they want to get you in bed. if he really loves you, he’ll wait until your married and respect your decesion. plus, birth controll pills dont always work anyways. its not like if you use them you wont get pregnant. just wait a while, this guy may not even be the one for you in the end. so dont waste your virginity. save it for the one really special guy.

Answer #5

Angelfire I completely agree with you, and I actually have always agreed with your responses even when all others bashed you for your honesty, I didn’t realize she was only 13, I apologize.

Answer #6

So you wanna have sex and you dont even know your age. No i am not trying to be rude i am trying to ask you a few simple questions before i give you the advice. I am tellign you not asking you. That you are not ready. You give it up and you will not get it back. It takes a long time to know if you are ready or not and i am not even sure if you know for sure then or not either. You are a young gurl either way and you don’t know if this is the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with or not. You have to know that not many guys or girls can tlak over their hormones. It takes a lot of time to know.

Yes you can get pregnant the condom could break or even the case where he pulls out some could come out and go in. you have to be very careful i got pregnant wearing a condom and being on birth control and so did my mother why do think i am here. My mom and myself have been in this very same predicument. You need to be very careful no matter what ur decision is. Personally i don’t think you are ready but i can not make ur decisions for you. Make them wisely

now onto the whole when ur a virgin when ur not. Many guys will tell you they are a virgin the only way to know for sure is by taking it a step higher but since you are so young you can not do that unless ur parents know u are sexually active. then they could take u both to the doctor. i think that he already lost his virginity you guys had oral sex i did a little research for you and te dr. on a web site for sex said oral sex is sex. take it how you want. be careful and good luck

Answer #7

Your profile says you’re 18, but your questions say your 13, which one is it? We can’t give you good advice if you’re lying about your situation.

Answer #8

Agreed sarahhh., but the fact of the matter here is, she is ONLY 13 yrs old. It doesnt matter if you’ve been dating this boy since you were 10, that doesnt mean you have to have sex with him! You are still VERY young…too young to know what you really want. Your hormones are talking, not love! Love is NOT sex! You do not need to show love to by having sex with someone. 13 year olds don’t understand that in order for sex to be a good thing, you need two people who are MATURE enough to really love and trust each other. When you don’t have that, sex is bad and leaves the girl feeling like she’s been used.

Even though you may feel turned on or horny, it doesn’t mean you are ready to have sex. You aren’t. There is a lot more to having a good sexual experience than just feeling desire or being curious about what sex might feel like. It is really, really important to also have a healthy and trusting relationship with a partner before you have any kind sexual experience.

It is also important to understand all the good things and bad things that can result from having sex. Sex is just one of many ways to share intimacy with a partner and it has the most serious consequences, like getting pregnant or getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Many teenagers are so love-starved at home they trade their virginity for hopes of finding love. Girls particularly, seek love through sex, only to realize they had sex without love.

I take it you dont have a mother that you can confide in…how sad is that? Closeness to Mother can delay first instance of sexual intercourse among younger teens. Teenagers are less likely to start having sex when their mothers are involved in their lives, have a close relationship with them, and stress the importance of education.

I can pretty much guarantee that this relationship will not be your last! Young love rarely lasts!

Basically practicing abstinence has all the PRO’S – pre marital sex has all the CON’S !

Answer #9


use a condom, if your still like worried go to your local health clinic and get birth control, or see a doctor. You can get birth control without your parents knowing. But if your open with your parents it will make it easier to get it cause they can help you get it. Dont use 2 condoms that makes it break more likey. So yah...luck to you.
Answer #10

hey to all these people telling her she isn’t ready, that wasn’t the question. The question was “Am i going to get pregnant if i use a condom”. answer the question and you’ll make more of a difference instead of just telling her not to have sex.

Answer #11

technically you are a virgin until you have s*x.

Technically you are, but it amuses me when people say they “will not have sex until marriage” and then do just about every other conceivable thing on bed. That’s wrong. If you have at least TRIED to do something with someone else and some pieces of clothing did come off, then you probably shouldn’t consider yourself a virgin.

Virgins are people who have NEVER indulged in any sexual activities. That is, when they are not alone. Period.

Answer #12

If you don’t know the answer, then don’t have sex. You said in your other post that you’re thirteen. Yeah, well. You’re currently running on hormones, not on sense. You don’t think you’re going to regret it now, but you will. Believe me, you will.

By the way, bl*w jobs? Neither of you nor your boyfriend should consider yourself a virgin anymore. Let’s not be too technical here.

Answer #13

Yes, it could happen. nothing is a gurantee. Why not. If you want to get married and you are old enough to get married on your own. Be sure you really love each other first.

Answer #14

I disagree somewhat with xiigzag.. technically you are a virgin until you have sx. Having oral sx doesn’t mean that you are no longer a virgin. Are you really 13? If so then you should DEFINITELY wait to have s*x until you are mature enough to handle the possible consequences.

Answer #15

If he knows how to use one, that’s a good step in the right direction. Generally speaking, if the condom is used correctly and doesn’t break, there is no way for you to get pregnant. However, if it DOES break, and he has already ejaculated into it… those are some very, very high risks. Personally I wouldn’t recommend it. I would wait until you can be on the pill.. but just play it safe whatever you do. If you’re only going to use a condom, I would suggest having him pull out when he needs to.

Answer #16

Yeah, I guess. But I wouldn’t consider them to not be virgins, I would just say they are definitely NOT innocent anymore.

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