Chance of getting pregnant with condom

How tiny is there of a chance of getting pregnant when using a condom? Is there anything that will help the condom work I'ts best? What other protection should we use?

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Condoms are 98% effective If used is still better to use at least two birth control methods...such as the pill and a condom.

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If you use a Condom correctly, it's either 99% effective or 99.9%. I don't remember which. And really, that should be all you need. If yiou're still nervous though, have him pull out too. Even when he's wearing a condom. That way there's almost no chance of getting pregnant.

And always make sure it didn't break.

Hope I helped :)

Can I get pregnant if I use a condom?
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Thanks! some people were a little less confident about condoms...

Chance of getting pregnant if condom breaks?
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If a hundred people use condoms for a year then chances are 5 will get pregnant.

can you get pregnant even if you use condoms and birth control pill

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