How do you get pregnant while using a condom?

People always say condoms isnt real protection. Like I know its 100 percent effective but it is effective. and I know that you can get pregnant if the condom slips, breaks , or even if you put it on wrong. but other than that is there anyway something could go wrong and I could get pregnant? im not on birthcontrol pills. and he does use the “Pull out” method. im just curious to know how else you could get pregnant if he puts it on right, & it doesnt break or slip. because thats the only way I can think of.

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if he pulled it out everytime he felt it, is there a chance where some came out and he did’nt know, because im almost 17 in Jan. and me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex once, becuase it was just the heat of the moment, but he did pull out, but im having some weird things going on like I can smell everything, and my nipples are darker, and I gained weight and I barley eat, so what should I do?! I took a pregnancy test like 3 weeks ago, it said im not, but I dont trust the home pregnancy tests, and I have no way of getting to a doctor or anything, so should I buy another test to take it, and I had a friend that took a pregnancy test for 2 and a half months and it said no to her, but she did get her period the first month, then the second month she did’nt, I got mine last month but only for two days, and I usually get it for a whole week and bad cramps everytime, and if your gunna ask about the period thing, yes I get it every month, I’ve never missed one month of it yet, im due for my period on the 10th of this month December but what if I do bleed like last time?! could it mean something or could it be implantation bleeding or something else?1 I dont know what to do, I’ve been searching for answers since like 2weeks after I had unprotected sex, so what should I do? and when I had sex was on holloween night with him, so any advice?!?!?!

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Condoms, are 97% effective. There could be a miniscule hole the size of a pin prick, and semen can get through it. The “Pull out” method (as you call it) is the most irresponsible thing you can do, it’s very very risky, and never ever do it without a condom! I’m not the kind of person who lectures people, but it scares me. That’s how a lot of my friends have gotten pregnant lately… Just be carefull, and always use 2 forms of birth control… either you start taking the pill, the needle, etc… or use condoms, and a spermicidal lubricant, or another method.
Be safe, and have fun.


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omg u are so not ready to have sex! by ur name im guessing that u r only 13, my god it illeagel for u to have sex, so it’s considered rape! so if u do get pergnant u boyfriend can go to jail!! u r being stupid if u truely are not ready to have a baby so my best advice is to not have sex at all!!! not mention u should wait til marriage because would u want ur future husband to sleeping w/ some1 right now? so u shouldnt be!!

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what above all said is right if still you want to continue the relation, there will be some dates to follow where there are less chances to conceive and dont ever go for sex from 10th to 18th day from your period

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Condoms are effective at preventing pregnacie about 97% of the time if used correctly. That is a big big if. So if you don’t know how to use a condom you should really find out. Because that is really important. Learn how to use a condom. Use a condom or other form of birth control, every single time you have sex until you are married and can support a baby. The other big benefit of condoms is they are the only type of birth control that can protect against HIV/AIDS

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if the guy takes it off and you have no clue like I did. thats how I got pregnant I really do not believe the microscopic hole myth

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wow what has has the world come to all you immature babies wanting to have sex and babies absolutely ridiculous. IF you cant go to your mother and talk about these means you are not ready and shouldnt be doing it! Think with your head and not with your genitals.

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I always use condem so come come pregnat and condem is not break

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um if you wanna get pregnant dont use a condom

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Thank you carter. I believe they are not asking about what all of these people are answering about..sooo.yah. thank you. and just because the name says “13” it doesn’t mean they are 13. if you are 13…no sex for u.

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If you are going to give a 13 year old advice, please be able to spell your words correctly. If you told me something was illeagel or I would get pergnant, I would excuse everything you had to say. I might think you were too ignorant to give me advice.

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I suggest not relying on condoms alone for protection. Even tho they are effective, you cant really enjoy sex 100% becos you are scared it will break and you can get pregnant. Its to late once he has pulled out and you realise its broken!!! prevent it now before hand so you dont have a scare, keep using condoms and go on the pill also so you have a back up its the safest way these days, go on the pill and keep using condoms.

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they say when you have sex with a condom your girl is wet at first but then starts to get dry and then friton starts t0o happen and then the condom goes boom… and ohhh nooo im prenant!!! and then on the other hand you shouldnt have sex anyways littl3

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Get married and financial. Set. FIND A GOOD CHURCH NO YoU CAN’T get pregnant if condom used correctly

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take this from some one who knows…you can, and probably will get pregnant even with using a condom. I know first hand. my little girl is due in may. one night of fun can lead to the rest of your life. please, wait, or seriously think about the dicision your going to make for both you, and your partner and your possible baby. no one is EVER fully prepared for a baby. I’m 20 years old, I have a high school diploma, and a job, but I’m still light years away from being financially ready for a baby. I don’t know how old you r, but please think about this love.

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do not use 2 condoms. the condom manufacturers are strongly against this. they say that rather than providing extra safety. this method can actually increase the likelihood of the condoms breaking because the doubling up causes friction between the two latex bags!

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its really not right of you to trick your boyfriend into getting you pregnant by poking holes in the condoms or what not, starting a family is a serious thing and not something to trick somebody into, the fact that you are saying that you want to get pregnant and are poking holes in the condoms and what not say to me that you are not mature enough to handle having a kid, I think you should wait till you are older and more mature and financially stable.

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It says right on the package of condoms that they are only 97% effective, and only when used correctly. Anyone under 20 without a husband SHOULD NOT consider pregnancy. I am 25 with a 2 year old, and trust me when I say you are NEVER fully prepared for what a baby means. I never get a minute to myself and she is always into everything. It is sooo much more work to keep them safe and healthy than you can possibly imagine. Not to mention the labor. Even with an epidural it can hurt or you could tear. Also, the fact the you will always have pain at the site of the epidural. I really think you should be sure to use condoms correctly as well as be on the pill. Be prepared that the pill or Mirena or Depo can and probably will make you gain weight. I have been on all 3, so I know. Doubling up condoms is a huge no-no as they are more likely to break from the tension of having two on. There is no 100% effective way to not get pregnant except not to have sex. Even Depo and Mirena are only 99%…Please consider what I have said and I hope you are safe from here on out.

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Maybe you should wait a alittle bit before having sex cause if you do get pregnant, its better to be alittle older so you can handle it. At least wait till your 16 or 17 so your body is also may able to handle it.

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You can definitely still get pregnant even with a condom. There are several things that can go wrong, such as a small hole you don’t even notice in the condom and semen can get through. There is also the possibility that it may slip off even if put on correctly.

The “pull out” method doesn’t work at all and shouldn’t be used as a form of protection.

You should definitely get on some form of birth control pills because you need a second form of protection if you don’t want to get pregnant.

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