How can I update drivers to a laptop if a person lost the orig drivers?

Apparently my lovely brother doesnt know how to take care of his laptop and I am trying to fix it for my mother since he isnt using it. Any help would be much appreciated. Please take into consideration that I dont know anything about what he has or doesnt have on here at the moment! Thanks in Advance!

Answer #1

Download and install the relevant driver updates from the device manufacturer / distributor’s website.

Alternatively, the website which you can find at

is very good in making most drivers easily available directly from their site. I have used the site a few times before with no problems but it must be at least three years since I last had to use them - so I can’t actually vouch for the current quality of their service.

– Good luck with it - Majikthise.

Answer #2

Thanx, once again, its my brother’s laptop & he isnt around to ask nor would even know what he had on here…I honestly dont know what device manufactor the stuff is, Any Idea on on how I can fig that out? Should it be located like under my comp or smth? i am like installing everything from antiv/spyware prog..he didnt even hv freakin java on here & wondered why you tube wasnt working…jeez!

Answer #3

I assume you are using MS Windows in some incarnation, ….. (as you do not indicate otherwise), ….. in which case the following sequence should get you going:

[ Control Panel ] [ System ] [ Hardware ] [ Device Manager ]

Devices with obvious problems (detected by, and affecting, the operating system) will show a yellow question mark.

Right click on each device of interest, then:

[ Properties ] [ Driver ]

Each Driver will respond differently, offering such tabbed options as: [ Driver Details ], [ [Roll Back Driver ]. and [ Update Driver ]

You will probably have to “play it by ear” to a certain extent, but it is usually best to get in there and try things that seem reasonable - with the confidence of a seasoned IT engineer.

The “Windows Update” scan will sometimes detect drivers requiring update - they will be identified under [ optional updates ] after the update scan has been completed. You can select or ignore those optional updates individually.

I usually allocate about 5 hours to get through the range of tasks that you are undertaking, but you won’t know what might need doing until you’ve sorted a few things out and given further assessments of functionality as you go along. [Bit like offering to tidy a teenager’s bedroom, before you’ve even looked at it properly. - you never know what you might find]

I recommend alcohol rather than tranquilizers, to relieve the inevitable stress.

– All the Best - Majikthise.

Answer #4

Hi there, thanks again, I know i was on my brothers comp for about 7 hours…I had to d/l literally everything I knew…then update Windows. As for device manager, I tried to update but bcz I didnt find the names of the devices & had no orig cd couldnt update!

I fig I did the best I could…you tube works when it doesnt freeze up…lol i hv the anti v on…ad-aware on…even got serv pack 3 on there for him when I updated win…got all including ccleaner all good…as for updating his drivers…he can fig it out on his own…I am literally done! If my mother wants to use it she has 2 options…1. get her son to ask his so called friends whom find that learning mcse doesnt need to know reg tech stuff first…and now with him continuing on to learning win 7 plus all that networking sh!t…yet to fig out how to freaken d/l or update his damn lappy he cant fig out bcz it is simply beneath him…then that is just too damn bad for him! Right?!

Thanks for all ur help sweetie…I def need some alcohol at this point :P

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