Unwanted skinks in my house

I love animals but I am not fond of lizards. I live in virginia and those skinks keep getting in my house. I am they are harmless, but to me they are quite unattractive and unwanted! Besides, they leave their poop around and they are uninvited. So far I have caught about at least one per week on a sticky trap. I have a friend take it to a wooded area and pry it off with a plastic spoon to release away from my house, but how can I prevent them from coming in? Could I buy lime or boric acid or something to spread around the base of my house? Help! They are givibg me nightmares and they really frighten me. Seriously!

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You know it's going to be really hard to get them not coming into your house. I get the little geckos sometimes and thats probably due to me hatching some eggs of there's lol. But I dont know of anyway to stop them coming in. You might have to make peace with them.

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A skink is an ugly lizard, native to Virgina. They are ugly uninvited, unwanted and their poop looks like a piece of wood with a white chip at the end. Some of them have a red blush on their faces and the ones I've seen are about 2 - 3 inches long. My understanding is that they can grow to 2 or 3 feet long. Apparently lizard lovers like them but I am NOT fond of reptiles and those skinks give me the heebee geebees, meaning the shudders. They are yucky!

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what the f*ck is a skink?! lol

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I live in Virginia, too, and I just saw one of those slimmy creatures run across my bedroom floor. I think it came in when my daughter forget to close the door this afternoon; it was open for about 3 hours. I've seen them outside the house quite a bit. I am totally sick and now can't sleep...certainly not in that bedroom. I'm on the couch tonight. I just put out a huge piece of contact paper and am hoping that catches it until I can find another solution tomorrow. If I don't catch it tomorrow, I'm not sure what I will do. I am truly scared-to-death of skinks (geckos are far cuter creatures). Skinks are like snakes with tiny legs. Yuck!
Any advice would be very appreciated!

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I know its alittle late to answer but...bribe them with food. They like bananans and watermelon, mine loves blueberrys to. So if in your house make a safe cage. Why not put wood under your doors or windows? They like to dig so make sure is on tight.

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