How can you make unhealthy foods become healthy?

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Putting less sugar on things that need it, more vegetables, like to a sandwhich or burger, or you can simply not consume them as much.

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It depends on what it is that your trying to make healthier. Theres thousands of ways to make dishes healthier...using vegetable oil instead of butter, ground turkey instead of ground meat, wheat bread and wheat pasta instead of white, baking and grilling instead of frying, using egg whites instead of the whole egg, using spices and peppers to add flavor instead of butter and shortenings....the list is endless.

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Unhealthy foods are often unhealthy because of most of their contents or how they're cooked. If you're removing most of the things that make it unhealthy, you're left with something that isn't quite the same in all ways.

Methods, though.. You can replace normal sugar with a sugar substitute, like Stevia. Stevia is natural, and it's a lot healthier for you than many other ones that contain aspartame. You can also cook foods with cooking spray, which usually contains 0 calories. PAM has some awesome olive oil cooking spray I'd suggest. Other than that, I'd really just suggest that you replace fatty things with the low-fat versions. Also use low cholesterol items instead of the full versions (ex: mayo).

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by cooking them differently!
instead of frying things cook them or bake them or grill them...just make sure they dont hv all that saturated fat in them.
Another way is to get low sodium on everything...salt is a very high cause for high blood pressure & for people that are trying to shed a few lbs, it actually retains water. So keep the sodium to a minimum & try adding other spices instead. (For example notice when you eat something how some people have a bad habit of adding salt before tasting the food, that is something that can be stopped with will power.)
Another is sugar intake, people dont notice this but there is sugar in practically everything even if you cant taste it. Some foods turn into glucose when entered into the body such as white rice, white bread and much much more.
reducing sugar in one's diet can help enormously when trying to eat healthier.
As mentioned above, a fresh intake of vegi's and some fruits can help.
Try to stick to more leafy vegi's & green vegi's, those have less sugar in them or none at all.
also limit yourself of only 2 fruits a day one being a banana (good source of potassium) my fav is granny smith apples so I have one of those as well.
also try to purchase leaner cheeses such as farmer cheese/cottage cheese instead of that yummy Philadelphia fatty cream cheese or that amazing American cheese that hv 30% fat rather then a leaner 1/2% or 3% fat. (up to 5% is ok but anywhere passed that is considered unhealthy over time.)Same with Yogurts...same with your meats/chicken/turkey. (that means that u hv got to cut out on the bacon(which has all that sodium & fat to go with it...then you fry it and well that is def not a good thing right there.)

Its all about choices..the right & wrong choices for you. My best advice if you really want to learn to eat healthier ask a dietitian. They can write up or list the things that will help you more according to the things you need to focus on. We can only speculate.

hope this helped.

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