Ugly lawns, what to do with them.

okay, my mom promised us a clean,fresh front and back lawn for our house, like everyone else’s. But now, she keeps saying how expensive it is for her to pay for a lawn specialist, and I can’t stand it. Now, I get really nervous when I invite my friends over to swim, I’d get so embarassed it’s not even funny. PLEASE help, can you help find ways into having me convince my mom into getting a better lawn, or at least some websites of cheap lawn specialists. HELP!

Answer #1

Mow the grass, water the grass, edge the grass… Plant some flowers in pots and place around the pool. Put mulch (very cheap, pine straw is the cheapest) in the freshly weeded beds. That will cost about 10 dollars and make it look much neater and cleaner. If you are embarrassed, then get off your bottom (lol) and grab a rake and get to work. There are plenty of yard people who will mow and edge for you if you don’t have a mower. That should cost about $30 - $40/ month. Or you could just have it done when it starts to look bad or before a pool party.

Water the beds before weeding and it will make it easier to pull them out. If you have brown or bare spots, purchase a $5 bag of grass seed. Rake the brown or bare spots to rough up the dirt, water, sprinkle the seeds, water and keep watering, every day, sometimes twice a day. It really takes very little money to make a yard look better, what it takes is a lot of labor and that costs nothing! Just your time.

Answer #2

Go watch a couple episodes of Curb Appeal on HGTV. Look up statistics on what a simple outside update could do for your resale value. She might be more inclined to keep up the maintenance if she knows she will see some return on it later. Maybe she could get a consulation by a landscape architect to design a low maintenance attractive yard.

On a completely separate note, if the reason you are embarrassed to bring friends over is your lawn, you may want to re-examine how terrible your life is. Instead of complaining to your mom, be grateful you have a home and a pool and family and friends that care about you. Mow your own grass. Plant some flowers. Take pride in your own home, instead of waiting for you mom to pay someone to do it for you.

Answer #3

to amoba, thxs, I think that might be why my lawn looks so hideous:) You should be like a lawn specialist or something, I dont know. Thxs again!

Answer #4

It depends on what’s wrong with the lawn. Does it have too much crab grass or weeds? Are there a lot of bare spots (yellowing or brown/dead spots)? Is it mostly shade or sun? Are there skunks tearing up the lawns? Do you have moles? There are many loose unanswered questions. In order to answer yours I’ll need more info. There is a lot of help that is relatively inexpensive that can be done by the home owner but to cure the problem, all the facts need to be given.

Answer #5

just mow the lawn and trim it…?

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