How to redecorate my ugly room?

ok so I Have white wrinkly wall paper that my dad said I cant take down. Ugh but its so ugly and sense its wrinky I dont think I can paint it. And then my rug is super ugly we are talking 70’s orange stringy carpet and I cant that down either but I want to like my room how do I fix that?

Answer #1

everything here you can do YOURSELF! what is your favorite color? and does it go with the orange carpet? if it goes with the orange, go to a carpet outlet store and buy a remnant. measure your room and buy one that is smaller than your room. lay it on top of your rug. a remnant sometimes only will cost $20 - 30 dollars. if you need, you can buy one that is almost the size of your room to cover most of the orange carpet. as for your walls, you CAN paint them. if your parents are okay with it. take a wad of clear food wrap or plastic grocery bags. buy some latex paint, pour into a paint tray and add a little paint glaze (or water if you can’t get the glaze) 2 parts paint to one part glaze or water. dip the wadded up plastic in the paint and dab on your wall. the point is to let some of the wallpaper show through. that way you don’t have to paint every single square inch. you can use 2 or 3 or 4 colors. keep adding them, next to each other or layered over the other. remember lightest first the on to dark. you can probably buy the paint at lowes or home depot in the small quart sizes (not the gallon) the small sizes don’t cost much and this way of painting doesn’t take much paint. AND you can do it it parts. some today, some tomorrow, some next week. it doesn’t matter. if your parents say that you can’t paint, then leave the walls white. go to the hobby store, buy some cheap stretched canvas (maybe $10)and paint it your favorite color. a solid big rectangle of your color will look cute over your bed. then you can go to the store and get a cute bedspread that you like. I bet you could redo your entire room for under $60. I know a great, easy and cheap way to make cute throw and lampshade covers also. just write back and let me know if this interests you.

Answer #2

I’ve told my dad that I hate my room I told him I want to take the wallpaper and carpet out but all he says is it takes too much work : C.

Answer #3


 You know, if you don't like your room, you can always tell your parents. Have a reasonable reason, like, "I don't think I would be comfortable if my room would be like this, Mom/Dad. I would just like to request if you can buy me nicer wallpapers and rags." I'm sure they would understand.
Answer #4

lol do what I did hang cool blankets and posters on your walls then as long as you dont have pets use cool designed blankes as carpet or get a small carpet to put over it

Answer #5

if they abosolutely wont budge with getting rid of it all.. start to think of like different themes that might accent the stuff… you know.. retro is in… so.. maybe take the colors… add some crazy artwork all over the place… put some beads or whatever around the room… whatever really describes you… and make it work… I’ve had to do that plenty of times..mainly because we were in rental homes and we cant change stuff… so… yeah… think about all the coool things you might be able to do… go online to google and search for retro room ideas or 70’s room decorating tips… that kind of stuff.. might help.

Answer #6

Its hard to be in your own space, that you dont feel at home in. I know that feeling- I have been there. Sit your parents down.. Tell them how much it would mean to you to change some things in your room to make it feel like its YOUR room. Tell them you want to make it look like your personality.. If you talk calmly with them about this subject, and let them know how important it is to you.. Im sure they will understand. If not- Make changes that you can do yourself. Rearrange your room… hang things on the walls.. Make do with what you have… but make the BEST out of it.. The more you personalize your room with things that are about you.. the more you will enjoy your time spent there!

Answer #7

Hang tapestries.

Answer #8

First cover up one side of the wall with a bulletin board chal board cool blankes a bunch of pics of you friends and family and also posters, draw stuff on your wall and get rugs for your floor

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