When they ask you type of business in a job application what does it mean?

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Just what it says what type of buisness was u employed at was it fast food, cell phone company, a newspaper company, or doctors office. Hope that helps

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how bout Calculator Word Processing and Phone Console, what do those mean? They are under i am trained for.

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The type of business is asking what type of jobs you have had recently. Have you worked as a cashier or in fast food. They just want to know your experiences in the work force so they can have an idea of what you can do.

The area asking about word processing and phone console: they are asking what skills you are good at. How good are you at word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word. Have you had experience using a phone console on the job, such as answering phones and sending a phone call over to someone else, etc.

You need to tell the company everything you have experience in that may help you get the job.

what does course of study mean in a job application?
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Well agree
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What does Major mean on the Education part for a job application?

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