Twilight? what's so great about the series

Seriously,over the past 4 weeks and months I have seen nonstop Twilight stuff online,what’s so great about the series,not to be hating on it.

Answer #1

Twilight has done some good though, if it wasnt for twilight loads of people on fun advice would never of knew they were vampires. Its stupid, me and the other werewolves have always said that :P

Answer #2

its the best book saga in the history of the planet for teens and adults!!! I love edward!!!

Answer #3

personally, I absolutely despise every single one of the books. ^_^

Answer #4

Edward is the ugliest guy eva

Answer #5

TANK YOU reena686 It would make a good book for those with lesser readin experience, perhaps middle schoolers?

hmm, perhaps tha’s why it’s so popular, not too many teen have a high reading level. They’ld be lucky if they’re reading skills are a grade behind the grade they’re actually in. It would explain why it’s so unapealing to me. I’ve been reading authors such as ShakeSpear & John Keats since middle school.

Answer #6

I read Twilight 3 years ago when it first came out. All I can say is it wasn’t good then, and it isn’t now. You’ll find most people who back Twilight up are tweens who are in love with Edward Cullen and try to pull the old “it’s a great love story”. But really, there it isn’t as great as the pandemonium preaches, and you won’t get a very perspicacious answer out of it’s tween fans since all they know is how to do is drool over Edward and tell haters that they are “jealous” of the series (?)

Answer #7

In My Opinion…I Think Twilight Is Awesome :) I would assume that it depends on a persons personality and how they view things would determine weather they like it or not But I like it…I guess because…I don’t know…Well..I do like the topic of vamipres and a bit of romance and mystery in it But I have to say…I’m not the biggest fan of the movie :|

Answer #8

its alright. to tell you the truth, I used to be almost obsessed with the series, but then I got to reading some writing from more experienced authors and I realized Stephanie Meyer’s writing lacks a certain something. I think what really created all the fans - mainly teenage girls - was the charater of Edward . I’m more of a Jacob girl myself :)

Answer #9

Stephenie Meyers pulls you into each book, making it almost impossible to put the book down. Although the writing lacks a lot due to her inexperience the plot and characters make up. Its finding the one true “soul mate” that everyone dreams of. The man who exists by your very love.or the girl who would lay down the life for you.

Answer #10

I dunno… I myself, LOVE the Twilight series. Why do people like Harry Potter? Why do people like rock music rather than country? It depends on taste I guess…

The reason why I like the books is because I find them unique, I like the writing style, and it’s an easy read. I’ve read all the books within two to three days. It just sucks me in…Can’t explain it =op

Answer #11

NOT A D@MN THING Every time you think something good is going to happen NOTHING happens it’s extremely anti climactic & boring as hell I couldn’t even read an entire book Friend summarized it to me Just guessing I got the whole thing right Human falls for Vamp Vamp falls for chick but”loves her the way she is” & doesn’ want her to change The in the end something happens in which she has to be changed to save her life It’s to drug out & the chick is a depressed freak that need therapy Ann Rice was better than those & My favorite was one of the best vampire books, least from the opinions of those who’ve read it so far, lol Tales From the Dark Tower By Joseph Vargo It’s a banal theme in a sense, but quite an original story

Answer #12

The books are really good. If you read them you would know. Im sure that when Harry Potter first got discovered it was big on this site too, but im not a big fan of the movie but am of the book, so hopefully the Twilight craze will be over soon.

Answer #13

the books are really good. I read em before this whole OMG EDWARD AND VAMPIRES SOO HOT! stage everyone is going through. it is somewhat annoying. but the books are good. I reccommend them

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