What in your opinion is the best TWILIGHT book of the series?

What is the best book in the Twilight series? Personally, im going with Breaking Dawn. = ]

Answer #1

My favs are breaking dawn and twilight.

Answer #2

well, I’ve read them all, and a bit of midnight sun on stephenies website

I cant choose between them all, but I really liked eclipse. tis hilarious when jacob and edward say that bella stinks after shes seen the other person. LMFAO

Answer #3
  1. Eclipse 2.Breaking Dawn
  2. Twilight
  3. New Moon #1 being the best and so on. I think that BD and T tied for second, they were both so good!!!
Answer #4

Well, im on Eclipse and I think out of the first 3 Twilight is the best.

Answer #5

Breaking Dawn. then Twilight then Eclipse then New Moon

Answer #6

I’ve only read the first 2. But I read them both within a week each. Couldn’t put them down. Can’t wait to go get eclipse. Can’t name a fav yet I loved the first cause of all the action and twist. I like the second cause they explored and developed Jacob. Plus the promise to turn Bella. I can’t wait how they are going to get around the treaty to turn Bella cause now they have too. I’m so excited.

Answer #7

1~Twilight 2~Breaking Dawn 3~Eclipse 4~New Moon

I love this series so I really cant deside which one I like the most.

Answer #8

Breaking Dawn is so good. so: 1:Breaking Dawn 2: Twilight 3:Eclipse 4: New Moon New moon has 2 b the worst 4 me- No Edward I luv edward

Answer #9

Eclipse [;

Answer #10

Eclipse Because Jasper Get To Tell His Story :) I Love Jasper

Answer #11

I can’t choose! But New Moon and Breaking Dawn had a lot of stuff happen =)

Answer #12

well I am still reading the first one but it is really exciting I cant put it down and come to think off it I am reading while I type this

Answer #13

breakind dawn I felt like it ended wrong but new moon was my favorite, go team Jacob!!!

Answer #14

I have a feeling I’m going to be the odd one out when I say I like New Moon a lot. I felt it was the deepest and dealt with the most emotions. Then Twilight or Eclipse and then Breaking Dawn. I was a little dissapointed with BD. It was very fanfiction-like, and the lead up to the fight was just awful. Nothing even happened, but it definitely kept me hooked so I can’t say I hated the book. I love all of the twilight series. I’ve been reading them since they first came out.

Besides Edward PROPOSED in New Moon. How can you beat that? hahah

I find it kind of funny, because Rob Pattinson said he like New Moon most of all. Because he wasn’t in it as much.

: o

Answer #15

Twilight Eclipse Breaking Dawn New Moon <3

Answer #16

If you have ever truly had your heart broken, you would better understand how perfectly Stephanie captures it in New Moon…

And all these people who hated Breaking Dawn - WTF??? I mean seriously - it was a great book and completely equal to every other novel in the series…

In the end though, I do not think I can pick a fav. I think they are all so different, with great plots in each…

So they are all a tie for me :)

Answer #17

The first one was the best I thought. I didn’t like how she ended breaking dawn

Answer #18

Now I’m reading “midnight Sun” and I love it!! I love the way Edwards cares about Bella and also his naturalness!!…

Then, new moon, eclipse, twilight & BD.

Answer #19

My fav is def Eclipse. I LOOOVE it when Jacob is warming Bella up in the sleeping bag and when he says “You know, you would be a lot warmer if you took your clothes off,” and Edward gives him a mean look, and then Jacob says “just stating the facts!” I feel sorry for Edward having to listen to Jacob’s thoughts through all that :P

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