Why aren't people complaining about the twilight series?

Ok, I’ve been wondering about this. I remember when there was a big thing over the harry potter books. Especially in our school there were a whole bunch of parents who didn’t want there kids reading them because they were about witchcraft. Personally, I read all of them because I thought it made an excellent story… But why aren’t people complaining about the twilight series? I know its not exactly witchcraft, but you figure parents wouldn’t like the idea of vampires, either. And what about all of the other “magic” books? I don’t hear anyone complaining about them. Why single out harry potter?

Answer #1

Ok most of those people had personal religious differences and personally I think that is the dumbest thing ever..I love the books. LOVE LOVE LOVE HARRY POTTER! Well actually I love Ron Weasly but thats not the point! “They dishonor God, they glamorize sorcery, and the spirit surrounding the series is dark, sinister and anti-Christian. “ You know what I say to that! You know what I say -snorts- Suck it! I love these books and I don’t care what they think. They are big headed biggots… I loved the Twi. saga too but I really, really did not like that movie. Dayumm that was bad as hell lmao. I don’t know why they don’t discriminate against the Twilight Saga. I think it’s because they are extremley hypocritical and think they are right about everything…but thats just me.

xoxo Rather Be at Hogwarts then at RMS

Answer #2

Because Twilight tells you to stay away from werewolves xD the movie is horrible, but the book is kind of nice. Ok better than the movie. Harry Potter is still the best :D I bet those who watch twilight just watch it for the sake of Robert Pattinson

Answer #3

cause the twilight series is the best frigen book series ever!!!

Answer #4

robert pattinson should not hve been edward he isnt that good looking lol .

Answer #5

Twilite f-ing sucks!!! People only complain about Harry Potter because they are either illiterae or jelous Edward-Lovers!

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