What do you think of a TV in the master bedroom?

We think there should never be a TV in the master bedroom of a couple, we think this is a place for us as a couple, no need for a TV there.

Answer #1

I have a tv in my room. It helps me on nights when I cant sleep, as I often have problems feeling lonely in the night when my hubby is asleep. I also go to my room to escape from time to time, so it’s nice to be able to lay back and enjoy some mind-numbing activity in peace.

Answer #2

We have a tv in our master bedroom, where else are we going to watch our p0rn?

Answer #3

I guess its fine hahah especially for spouses u know what i mean… but be careful when the kids came make sure u turn ir off

Answer #4

Well I guess we are the only ones think like this.

Answer #5

I honestly and truly love this answer :).

Answer #6

its good, i love to watch tv while snuggled up in bed! ooo and dvds :D

Answer #7

It always seemed strange to me. I never had a TV in the bedroom when single or with my first wife but my 2nd wife was used to having a bedroom TV so with her we’ve always had one. My in-laws live with us now so it seems natural to watch our TV shows in our bedroom now; they watch their TV shows in their room and when we watch something together we watch it on the larger TV in our den. FWIW our daughter has a TV in her room and our guest room has a TV so we have TVs in every bedroom. When I was a lad I didn’t know anyone who had more than one TV in their household.

Answer #8

Haha…I love it too! :D

Answer #9

The living room! :]

Answer #10

You’ve got 40 points for this answer… so worth it.

Answer #11

If me and my boyfriend had our own place, and we only used the bedroom for sleeping and sex…then I agree, there would be no need for a TV.

However, we don’t…we live with my parents. We stay in our room basically all day, so it’s like our living room/bedroom/dining room. :] No TV in our room is like a couple not having a TV in their entire house. Some people could live without it, but honestly…we would be bored out of our minds without the TV in our bedroom. We leave it on, and even when we aren’t watching it because we are doing something else…it’s nice just to listen to. :]

So, really…it depends on the living situation, and the couple. If you only use the bedroom for sleeping and sex - no TV. If you practically live in your bedroom - yes TV. Also, other situations like Mandyloo’s where the TV is useful in the bedroom - yes TV. :] (I hope my answer makes sense, because I just woke up :P)

Answer #12

Wow! lol…

Answer #13

Counted that wrong. 35

Answer #14

I have one in my bedroom, simply because my apartment is fully furnished, and my landlords decided to add a tv to the chattels. I already had a tv, so it went in my bedoom. I have never used it, because I dont really watch tv, and my dvd player is still downstairs. I wouldnt put one in a bedroom normally, as my boyfriend is a horrible channel surfer. The first thing he does when he comes over is turn on my tv, and it annoys the crap out of me. I like quiet, and only having the tv on if there is actually something to watch.

Answer #15

Well My kids have tv’s on there walls in their room, then we have the tv in the entertainment room, but that is it.

Answer #16

Love it!! Nothing better than on a cold/wintery night, snuggling in bed with hubby and the dogs to watch a movie (and NO, not that type of movie!!) ; ) LOL!

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