What are some good idea's for a emo/scene bedroom?

I’m 15. And right now my bedroom is black and a dark pink(2 walls are black and 2 are pink). It’s been that way for a long time now and I’m getting tired of it. I love the emo/scene look. I can repaint the walls any color that I want. I was thinking maybe painting the walls black and white.and maybe use some other bright colors in like rugs or lamps etc. I want a lot of band posters to cover one of the walls but I don’t have much money to spend in buying them:( and the cheaper ones at Hot Topic are not that great and they don’t have much to choose from. I love neon colors but after looking at that pink for such a long time I don’t really want those colors on my wall.My carpet is this horrid brown color and I can’t change it:( So I’m thinking of maybe just getting a rug that will cover my whole floor. I don’t really have any idea’s besides those,so I need more idea’s..can you give me some? I don’t want my room to be girly looking. My room is a pretty good size its not small at all. but I have a queen size bed which takes up a pretty good amount of space. (the bed is white). This is some on the stuff I already have -A black book case -A black dresser -lots of photos of friends and family -pink rugs -A few posters and also I absolutely LOVE photography and I want to somehow bring that into my room also. Any ideas you guys have will be extremely helpful. :)

Answer #1

u could sell some of the stuff you have and use the money toi buy some other things you like or ask for things for your B’day or Xmas

Answer #2

the rug is a gud idea meaby have like a desighn in it like stitched hart or something I have 1 and it rocks!! also put like buliten boards and put bunch of pics on it make desighn on the walls and also the buk cases have like a desighn emo ofcourse

Answer #3

im emo myself and my room is black with red and white skulls and lots of skull neclaces and my carpet is black and I have a black&red dreser and tv I also have black&red curtans you should try it I hope this helped :)

Answer #4

Do Like a skulls on the pink and Pink skulls on black. I don’t know. I could ask my emo friend for u

Answer #5

posters of your favorite bands?

Answer #6

Put a wall of posters and then contrast it with frames of your friends and family… the frames should be “neon Pink” so it really brings the frames out a lot :)… Just an idea

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