What are some good truth or dares?

right I love this game yarrr I need some bare dirty truth or dare, get truth out of people that they wouldnt want people knowing. pretty daring dares if you know what I mean!!! come on guys give me some good ones…

Answer #1

4 gurls, dare them to get naked or topless and take 2 cds (or you cud do 2 soda cans) and have them put them over their boobs and their nipples throuhg the holes and do like a dance

Answer #2

or dare 2 gurls to make out, sck each others boobs, have oral, hmp each other, have someone shout out as loud as they can toples out of a bedroom window “IM NOT A VIRGIN ANYMORE!!”

Answer #3

or dare a guy to go up 2 sum1s mom and say “um, mrs. bla, I think I just got my period” or sumthing retarded like that

Answer #4

well for dairs id say i dare u to run around the neighborhood naked or stapil yourself then rip it out wiith your teath (srry i spell real bad)

Answer #5

i dare u 2 go down on ur girl friend in the pic infront of ur guy friends

dare ur guy friend if he is playing the game 2 jack off in front of everyone

truth ask a guy that is mabe going out with ur friend if he has ever jacked off thinking of you

truth ask ur girl friend in the pic if say that guy sitting over there says yes would you f u c k him right now

ur asking a hard question 2 just answere like that im just taking it of the back of my mind so i hope it helped

Answer #6

I dare you to get spanked by a male in the room(or a female if you are a male) 20 times with a paddle or a leather belt on the BARE BUTT!

Answer #7

you can always go to fruit if you know what i mea n or something edible funmail me if you want to learn more dares

Answer #8

just dare them to flash everyone or something

Answer #9

funmail me to let me know how it goes

Answer #10

Eat a packet of catsup. Sniff the breath of everyone in the room and tell who has the worst and describe what it smells like. Put your hand in the toilet and dare someone to lick it Dare someone to stick their hand in the toilet for 5 seconds Lick the bottom of your own foot Lick the bottom of the foot of the person on your right With a blindfold on, put lipstick, eye shadow, and blush on the person to your right Wear your hair in a ponytail on the very top of your head (so it looks kind of like a palm tree), or spike your hair straight up. Call your crush and tell his mom that you like her son/daughter Give your best snort. Make up a short rap about the person on your left Think of five words that rhyme with your own name and them make them into poem. Blow in somebody’s ear Blow a raspberry on the back of someone’s neck Eat a piece of dog or cat food Run down the street singing, “What’s My Age Again?” Call up a friend of the opposite sex and ask him if he would like to hear a bedtime story. If (s)he says yes, tell him one! Try to drink a gallon of milk. Eat a Ľ cube of butter. Put on someone else’s bra Say the words “I love to wear pink leather” after everything you say for the next 5 minutes Pick the person directly to your left and use their name… and spell their personality (e.g. Sara- S. Sexy A. Angelic R. Reliable A. Adorable) Get 2 pieces of different colored gum. Pick a person of the opposite sex and kiss them, when you are done your gum HAS to be switched. Kiss somebody of the same sex for at least 5 seconds (MOUTH kiss, not cheek). Attempt to stand on your head. Hop around to each person at the party saying, “I’m cupid, and I will help you find love”. Lead everyone in the chant, “We want food”! Feel one person of choice’s ears. Try to itch your armpit with your big toe Call a guy (who’s a classmate) and ask for him. Then just make groaning noises and your “sexy” voice. Kiss a stuffed animal like it is your crush. Have a conversation with the chair and pretend the chair talks back. Go next door and ask if you can borrow an ice cube. Do the chicken dance with the parents that are there watching Lick the food of your choice off of somebody else’s neck.

hope these are good

Answer #11

well a good would you rather that I thought up is: would you rather have an unpaid job that is absolutly amazing and you love all through your teenage years; or have a paid job that you absolutly hate all through your teenage years. I know thats not a truth or dare one but I suck at comin up with those 2 haha well I hope you like this would you rather

Answer #12

Do NOT dare someone to s-t-a-p-l-e themselves and then rip it out. That’s a REALLY bad dare. I hope Torimate didn’t take that advice.

Answer #13

dare a guy to make them selves ejaculate, erect, cum or wichever rite there and then

Answer #14

dance insanley for 1 minute Put on the slutiest clothes and start dancing to a rap song make the ugliest face possible make out with wall sing a song for 1 min. do a robot dance say the most randomest sentence possible have someone record you acting drunk hump the wall draw funny faces on your friends stomach opens curtains and start flashing blind fold your friend and have a guy kiss you. give someone a mojor wedgie yell something funny outside do the sexiest dance move

Answer #15

i do it all the time at my ex gf partys its fun and i mean like staple yourself in the arm or something like that.

Answer #16

dare someone 2 make out wit the wall or draw on there face wit lipstick watever you want…btw sometimes it comes out really bad such as the mite draw a guys “junk” on your face and you cant take it off!

Answer #17

or dare a girl to figur another girl

Answer #18

heres a good1: take off ure shoes and socks and walk around the house and yard and then lick them or… wear a blindfold and lie down and put ure barefeet near the persons face and let them put slime and beans on ure barefeet and draw on them. then lick their feet

Answer #19

dre someone to go up to a random persons house knock on the door and say hey sexy wats somethin you want to do 2nite hehe I made my friend do that

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