What are good dare ideas for truth and dare?

Hey, does anyone have some really good dares for truth or dare? I have about 50 already but I still need some more! There is going to be about 10 of us all in like girl/boy couples(not neccessarily boyfriend/girlfriend) and a lot of alcohol. So I need some dares that are s*xual but not over the top. We will all strip down to our underwear but no further. We are all about 15-17years old. So any ideas? Thank you in advance! x

P.S. The rules for our truth or dare: We all sit in a cirle boy, girl, boy, girl. We play rounds-go round in a circle and each person picks a dare out of a jar and does it then once everyone has done a dare all the dares are replaced and we pick a truth question and everyone in the group has to answer it then we go round again. Hope this helped a bit more.

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Sing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" with actions
Carry the player on your left around the room once
Carry the player opposite in a fireman's life around the room
Do the can-can
What is the best prank you have pulled?
Tell your most embarrassing pantsing/wedgie story
Where is the weirdest place you've ever peed?
Have you ever cheated on anyone?
Exchange an article of clothing with the player opposite
Wear your underwear on the outside of your clothing
Go commando for the rest of the game
How old were you when you had your first real kiss? Tell the tale.
How old were you when you had your first real kiss? Tell the tale.
Blow a raspberry on the stomach of the player opposite
Be tickled by the player to your right
Exchange an article of clothing with the player on your right

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have someone climb a tree buttass naked haha

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the same sex has to make up a dance to a whole song for girls they preform in thongs and bra for guys boxers or widy tidie

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naughty dares
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For a dare, possibly something that involves whipped cream? lol

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for truth you could ask what are some good dares for truth or dare? lol

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truith, when you were 15-17, did you ever have sex with someone older than 18 years old?

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ok its past undies but its good. give a full exsample on how to put a tampon in using nice exsamles and good words and good actions. EXSTRA then see if a boy can show it on you to test if you tought well enough. If he messes up or does not know what to do he must take a shower with the person who showed him the dare.

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Next time you go through a drive thru say "I want this for here," or "Can I have some fat free french fries?" or "I'm going to have a diet water"

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Dare someone to Prank call their Crush and tell him/her they like them

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I'd ask a boy to pick a girl hed just die to kiss?, another one which girl hed like to hold in his bed with him? and the last one would be which girl out of these would be the girl of your dreams?

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grab some random off the street and starting amking out with them and then pull out the good ol' peper spray and shoot them with it

keep doing this to different people untill someone says stop

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Next time you go through a drive through say 1 of the following,
1. Can I get a diet water with that?
2. Can I have fat free fries?
3. That order is for here.
4. Make sure the person taking your order knows that your order is to go.

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1. give them an atomic wedgie
2. wedgie
3. wedgie game
wear you pick nu,bers for different things and whatever they pick they have to do
like one wedgie
like two wear a thong pulled up high
stuff like that

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have a girl, or boy pick out 2 people they'd like to kiss. each kisser gets 10 seconds and after that he/she 'd have to pick the best kisser.

ask a question like "if u'd like to have anyone in the room, who'd it be?"

hope I helped.. if I have some more I'll post it

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1.run around the house in underwear
2.run around the house naked,if they won't do that,then they must go outside,and if they say no(this is my rule)you must think of something worse,until they finally do something.
3.kiss someone of the same gender until you say stop.
4.show your *spot* to everyone or someone of the opposite or same gender.


MY RULES FOR TRUTH-you ask them a total of 3 questions.Any question is acceptable,and you must answer truthfully.

1.have you ever shown someone your *spot*?
2.did they like it when you showed it to them?
3.did you like it when you showed it to them?
4.have you ever kissed someone on the lips or foot or stomach?

Hope I helped! These are naughty ones,I'm going to post some good one's to.

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1.Run outside and scream who you like.
2.Say if you have slept with anyone and when.
3.Say if have got "turned on" by a girl or by a boy.
4.let everyone see your *spot*
5.pour really cold or hot water in your pen*s(guys only)and leave in there for the hole game.
6.pour something sticky like pudding or honey on your pen*s and leave it there for hole game(guys only)
1.Have ou ever got touched in your spot and then get a boney?
2.have you ever made-out with someone you don't know?
3.Have you ever wanted to show a male or female your spot?

Hope I helped?

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do a cart wheel in underwear.
Measure the size of your nipple if girl with a nickel, dime, quarter, or half dollar in front of the whole group or in another room with someone of the opposite sex. guys measure your penis length in width in fron of the whole group or in another room with a person of the opposite sex.

eat a piece of food (grape, whipcream) off someone elses tongue, belly button, butt cheek.

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dare someone to run around the house or barn or something naked 3 times

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Dare someone to take off their shoes and step in shaving cream or something in their bare feet or mud if your outside.

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maybee dare someone to lick the belly button of someone of the same gender?

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well, this is something that is past underwear, but try showing the butt. it has to be like for 5 seconds or something

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hmm... dare the boy/girl to create his/her own dare XDD

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ride on a bike naked

put your enemy team hat on

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prank call someone and ask them if they would like a massage involving mayonaise.

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tell someone to eat hair or make themselves bleed

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pee outside in front of everyone

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