is it true that the ppl that hire models are looking for ppl that have a big gap between their teeth?

..i heard it on the radio..iz it true? gaps the new thing cuz i dont think it iz..?

Answer #1

Ew. I cant stand people with bad teeth. Who would put them on TV :S Gross.

Answer #2

Irene that is an extremely immature answer. Claudette, it is a new “IT Thing”. I read in an article, modelling agents are chasing models with tats, piercing and imperfections, like the example you quoted in your question….. I think it’s great, opens more doors for those who do have the attributes to become a model but are being rejected by agency scout because of their “big gaps”, “moles on their face” etc etc….There was an Australian model who Gemma Ward, who has an “alien-like face” she was rejected by most scouts here but made it big in Europe as her features were considered unique.

Answer #3

woah thats awsome!:D

Answer #4

I dont mind tattoos & piercings at all, i love them but seriously gaps? I think we get the idea that everyone has imperfections & Gemma Ward is pretty :) She looks like amanda seyfried.

Answer #5

Anna Paquin has a gap and I think she’s a very beautiful actress. And I didn’t know who Gemma Ward was. I just looked her up and holy crap she does look like Amanda Seyfried. Weird

Answer #6

Irene, ever consider some people have gaps are maybe cannot afford to have them fixed or the gap is impossible to fix. Take Madonna, she has a gap between her two front tooths and have the money to repair it but didn’t, so maybe it was something she cannot……Instead of saying “gross”, just think about it. Most people in the UK have horrible teeth, but that does not make then ‘gross looking”…. We all have flaws or some kind.

Answer #7

I understand we have flaws but this new trend is ridiculous, before you know it girls will be paying to have a gap MADE :S I never said anyone was gross looking, i said the teeth were. We all have a preference in people, unfortunately i dont find this trend “hot” but more power to it :)

Answer #8

Aye Aye that missy :-)

Answer #9

People area already paying to have gaps put in their teeth…ever hear of palette splitting?

Answer #10

Hmm never heard of the term being applied to the pearly whites. Applying to colour and imagery I can comprehend.

Answer #11

Anna Paquin looks fine to me..:S

Answer #12

That offends me. I have a gap between my teeth, and I am d@mn proud of it! I can put water in my mouth, and then proceed to shoot it out like a water fountain…. So BAM!

Answer #13

Yes, these days anyone can be made ‘beautiful’ with computers and technology. Whenever we turn on the TV we are bombarded with images of ‘perfect’ women so much that beauty barely registers in our brains anymore. Cosmetic and modeling agencies have found a niche in branding themselves with imperfection. Women with birthmarks, scars, different body shapes, and now it seems imperfect teeth are being saught after as they have an original one-of-a-kind look that will appeal to your average everyday person because let’s face it, nobody looks like the models you see now-a-days. Not even the models look like the models.

Answer #14


Answer #15

‘Most people in the UK have horrible teeth’ THATS JUST SO FU*KING RUDE!

Answer #16

and wrong!

Answer #17

lol :D

Answer #18

My daddy and baby brother are the two and only people in the world that mean a lot to me and they both have gaps between their front teeth. My little brother is a ladies man and my father is a retired ladies an, aha. So they’re doing just fine. ;)

Answer #19

Jennybean, your teeth are beautiful… ;)

Answer #20

lmao, theyre not. but my boyfriends got the best teeth ive ever seen! :)

Answer #21

Aww! :D…Hush! Your teeth are fine! >:O

Answer #22

would small scars be concidered imperfections? i have two small scars on my face.. and i was worried about getting rejected because of them…

Answer #23

Scars can just be airbrushed. I dont see why people care alot about what their models look like when they can just airbrush them to look a certain way, airbrushing is amazing Ive seen some before and afters and was really shocked when its done professionaly.

Answer #24

ur family is pimp :D

Answer #25

I already have crooked teeth so i dont need to spend mney to have a gap xD LOL

Answer #26

Jennybean, you are from UK right, I am surprised you are jumping up and down with my comment re: British + Bad teeth. One only needs to google the topic and realise “Bad teeth, the new British disease”…..If you still want to huff and puff, I am happy to give you a link to your own famous newspaper you to read…. Even your country health experts are saying only the rich can afford to have their teeths checked yearly and repaired…..Even Americans and Australians who are working there are struggling to find dental clinics that do not cost an arm or leg…..Now, if you are not really from UK then I can understand why you are getting so upset.

Answer #27

We get free dental care over here until we are 18, and if we dont work we get it free forever, and if you do work its still not expensive. Im not upset, Im offended that you think all people from the UK have bad teeth as Im from the UK and I dont, Im sure people get fed up when people say everyone from the US is fat!

Answer #28

how big of a gap are we actually talking about?

Answer #29

Granted, I should have used the world “some” instead of “all” so I deserve a spank on the bum..Australia do have a large populations of Great Brits and their teeth are shocking but they now can afford to have it done here…..By the way, are you sure, it’s free? Every legit new articles I have read so far are saying how children and especially adults are using pillars to pull their own teeth out because of the cost. I’m 100% certain, people who are unemployed do not get their teeths fixed completely…Not to continue an agrument, when you say “not expensive” what price range are you talking about? Are we talking about a basic, oral examination? Full on braces? Dentures? Crowns? Bridges?

Answer #30


Answer #31

hahahaa free dental care in canada :P

Answer #32

Well, we get free check ups, prescriptions, teeth taken out, fillings you can see the hygenist etc. and you get all of that if you do not work. I should know I live here I dont read papers to find out my information I live it. Anyway, that isnt my point I was just stating you should have worded it differently. Thanks.

Answer #33

Same in Australia if you are unemployed or have parents who are on low incomes you get most dental works for free, but if you need braces or anything major, the waiting list is massive, sometimes, it takes 3 years to receive a simple root canal……It’s better for working people as you don’t have to wait and if you join up with private health, the health funds reimburse you the money back….At lot of the dentists rather work at private clinics as they can demand higher fees from their patients.

Answer #34

hmmm my comment above was replying to John. :-)

Answer #35

LOL, you live here so you don’t have to read the paper to find out…Ok then….How much is a oral examination cost then, out of curiosity.

Answer #36

I am telling you about who gets free care not how much certain things cost and that was not my point. Read that slowly and carefully.

Answer #37

Hmmm reading it slowly and carefully. You don’t know how much it cost because you maybe never never set foot in a dental clinic or maybe your parents are so wealth off you don’t get to see the bills? I’m asking how much it cost for a simple oral examination because you live there and you don’t have to read papers to know stuff, so I’m asking cos I’m not from UK….If you asked me, I could tell you straight way, it cost between $90 for a clean but for a clean and scale it’s anywhere from $130 to $150.

Answer #38

a dental examination would cost around 45 quid sam. private dentists are flippin racking it in

Answer #39

Maybe Ive never set foot in a dental clinic, why wouldnt I when its free. I go every 6 months for a check up and more than that if I need work done etc. Its £37 for a check up where I’m from, I wouldnt call that expensive. For someone who doesnt want to continue the argument, you dont half go on!

Answer #40

my dental checks are free :] and all the fillings/cleaning stuff is free for me too untill im 18 its free for all kids under 18,unless your parents put you into private practice. the private doctors where i live cost £40 for a dental check up.not sure about anything else though….

Answer #41

I have a thing for teeth, almost like a fetish you could probably say. I’m always staring at people’s teeth XD But I don’t necessarily always like perfect teeth. Some people have the little flaws that suit them, and I think it’s looks good. I don’t really know anyone with a gap in their teeth, but I know for myself I have one tooth, just to the left of my front teeth that sticks out a tad, and I like it. I think a lot of people are probably like that with all different parts of the body, not just teeth, so why not look for some people to model who have some of these “faults” (I couldn’t think of a better word) It shouldn’t bother most people, the only people I’ve seen complain about a model not being perfect are people with self confidence issues, so screw them.

Answer #42

Thanks LIzzie, it’s always nice to have someone from UK with accurrate info,make it easy to reconfirm what one reads online especially if someone is living in the country. :-) Thanks once again mate.

Answer #43

Thanks matty. Similar prices to Oz. Dentists do charge an arm and lenght. I suppose everyone enjoy having nice, pearly, straight teeth….By the way, your video is horrible but amusing champ. :-P

Answer #44

Jennybean, most people in the US ARE fat lol so we don’t (or shouldn’t) get offended..

Answer #45

see, sloth sure pulls it off..

Answer #46

Thats exactly why you would get offended, because if someone is fat and theyre told so then they would be offended. If they were skinny however, they wouldnt…

Answer #47

wel they would either way, but yano the whole Americans are fat just like British have bad teeth, is offensive.

Answer #48

Sloth is quite attractive. I got a date with him next week.

Answer #49

hey you guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyssssss

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