is it true that in america there are no seatbelts in vehicles?

Answer #1

Not as far as I know, I’m not American, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t put it in.

Answer #2

No, that is completely untrue. Every vehicle, with the exception of a bus, has seatbelts. If we are pulled over and caught not wearing/using it, we will get a ticket.

Answer #3

because apparently baby on board signs are made because you guys dont wear seatbelts and if there happens to be a crash people know to go looking for a baby. :S

Answer #4

No, stores sell the baby on board signs for parents to let others know to drive carefully and not cut them off or ride their rear. Our children are required to ride in age appropriate seats (infant car seat, toddler seat, booster seat) or we can possibly lose our children. It’s the law.

Answer #5

Whether the driver of any vehicle chooses to wear his/her seatbelt is different, but if caught it’s a big price to pay. Also, the cars we have are built the same as any other, with the exception of the drivers seat location..left or right side, other than that, they are the same.

Answer #6

lol yes there are seatbelts in cars in america. were did you hear such a thing?

Answer #7

No it’s a lie your REQUIRED to wear your seatbelt otherwise you get a ticket

Answer #8

no its not true thr r seat belts.

Answer #9

Even thought we have seat belts laws in the United States, it started late when you compare it to other developed countries. In the USA Seat belt laws started in 1984 in New York and took decades for it to become popular nationwide. Every state is different in what it is required or what fines for violating the law. Amazingly there is still one state that has gone rogue and has no seat belt law for anyone over the age of 18 and that is New Hampshire. You can drive without your seatbelt and not pay a fine if caught in New Hampshire if you are an adult. On many states also if you are an adult you are not required to buckle up in the back seat. I think is foolish and deadly to not buckle up but many people do not know the laws of their state they live in.

Answer #10

No? Baby on board signs are to warn other drivers not to be as aggressive. For example, not to cut people off. And babies are in car seats and strapped down. You can get in serious trouble if your baby is not in a car seat. If you’re in an accident and the baby gets hurt because they weren’t properly restrained, child protective services would get involved.

Answer #11

calm down

Answer #12

a teacher. YES, a TEACHER.

Answer #13

While I think it is smarter to wear one, I still think it should be the choice of the person, as long as they are an adult (18+). Most seatbelts are such a pain for me, I am short and almost every seat belt rubs into my neck and it hurts like a b**ch. I know there are little things that reduce that, but none seem to work very well.

Answer #14

No. Americans have seat belts in their vehicles, and if we don’t wear it…we usually get a ticket, warning, or fine. Where in the world did you hear that America has no seat belts in vehicles!?

Answer #15


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