Why are trout "catch and release" fish?

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They taste bad i guess haha

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haha idk thats the logical reason....im kewl like dat =P

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no they actually taste good, but they are endangered so thats why people like to put them back

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It's catching them for fun, not food...so, they put them back in the water as a technique of conservation.

Trout are not the only fish that are "catch and release" fish.

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know at all hahahaa jk

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Yeah I knew the last part, thanks.

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Catch and release has many different reason behind it, some fisherman just like the thrill of catching them. Catch and release is also done when a fish is not the legal size, if you have reached your limit on one type of fish and contiue to fish for a different species , catching a fish out of season. Most fish competions you may see are all catch and release.

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Like others have said, as a preservation measure. Unfortunately trout are not a very robust fish and often die after being released. If you are going to release fish you should use barbless hooks and ideally not even remove the fish from the water; just reel it in then while still in water remove the hook with your pliers or hemostat. Just like sport hunting I don't really get sport fishing. I can understand hunting or fishing for food but doing it just for the challenge of demonstrating you can kill another species never seemed appealing to me. I did fish when I was a kid and ate the catfish and sheephead I caught. When I quit eating meat I saw no point in fishing.

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