how do i treat the wound on my dogs leg.....without having to see a vet?

Answer #1

one of my other dog broke into my other dogs kennel…..and they went at it………….one had a deep lash on the leg…..concerns on how to clean the wound…….i dont have much money to take my dog to the vet.

Answer #2

Take it to the vet or you’re just being a cruel owner. It needs real care.

Answer #3

theres this purple medicine ..not sure wats the name i will try to c and tell, my dog had ot in a fight and i used that medicine and it helped ALOT its all healed now

Answer #4

i guess everyone is cruel……if they do not follow the rules and regulations of animal rights…?????

Answer #5

thanks a million looking forward to it……….

Answer #6

What rules and regulations? Your dog is injured and you don’t know how to care for it, take it to the damn vet. You have the money to feed and raise it, how do you not have a little extra for the vet?

Answer #7

dang!! shut the fu** up casseie or whatever he asked a question NOT A DEBATE!! what if he doesn’t have a ride to the vet not everyone can take there animals to the vet my dad didnt allow me take mine I CAME HERE LOOKING FOR OTHERE WAYs not for someone to attack me cuz i couldnt take it.. i am sure if hes asking how to cure his dog IT MEANS he loves him not tryiing to be cruel..

Answer #8

np hun

Answer #9

He shouldn’t get the dog if he can’t take care of it. End of story. I don’t even know why he has two dogs that try to tear each other apart to begin with. doesn’t seem like a good pet owner to me. You can post whatever you want here, attack me by all means. I don’t care. I’ll continue saying what I want here.

Answer #10

ok just cuz my dogs fight means i cant have them??? R u Mrs. Obama?? ur rules dont count for anything.. first of all there dogs thats what they do fight, play… doesnt mean the owner doesnt take care of it.. i am not attacking u U gave ur point of view so i’m I..just saying if u dont know how to help this guy then dont bother saying anything..hes looking for replies so he can help his dog not for someone to keep barking at him when he just asked ONE harmful question.

Answer #11

I think at this point you’re taking it more offensively then he is. Yes, if your dogs are tearing each other apart and hate each other you shouldn’t have them. Would you like some greater being shoving you in a cage with your worst enemy? I don’t even know what you’re getting at with your Obama joke to be honest.You can’t make me shut my mouth so don’t even try.

Answer #12

that purple medicine is really good! but if ur dog can reach where da wound is he/she shud b ok because dogs usually sure themselfs..

Answer #13

ur saying he shouldnt get the dog and i am saying ur not the president (figurative speech)!! first of all, i am getting offensive cuz i have dogs and i know how it feels..i dont need another conflict when one of my dogs are hurt.. u on the other hand r not helping but causing the drama… i am not making saying to literally shut up i am just saying stop telling him he shouldnt have them or hes not a good owner HAVE u lived his life to judge him.. if he said he doesnt have enough money then he doesnt not all people are wealthy..

Answer #14

do u whats the name of it

Answer #15

i mean do u know whats the name of it..sorry got interview i am n a hurry..

Answer #16

I’m done here. Okay? I’m not arguing this anymore. I’ve made my points and you’ve made yours. No, we are not going to agree because I think half the words coming out of your mouth (or fingers, rather) are garbage. You’re taking it personally and relating it to your dogs and not looking at it from a different point of view. I have dogs too, and if I couldn’t pay for a vet for them, I know at least one of them would have died due to accidents.

Answer #17

uhm im pretty sure its this one [link removed] i hope u cud find it at a store or somewhere other dan online cu zi personally hate ordering online..

Answer #18

sorry the link got removed [link removed]

Answer #19

go on google and put in purple wound spray and it shud come up..

Answer #20

and u say i am getting offensive..pssh, looks talking…i am done here too if u r!! my words arent garbage urs are! they dont die cuz dogs fight..its a wound not a death hole

Answer #21

oh cool.. there u jeoni22 she found it for u..thanks karina i almost forgot it gotta get some if anything happens to my dog

Answer #22

take it to vet, you obviously have money to feed your dog right? and its easy to borrow money or sell something if your pets injured. sometimes you cant take care of a problem by yourself, if its a very deep wound it will need stitches, which would be extreemly dangerous and stupid to do yourself. all you can do is disinfect the wound and bandage it, but a vet needs to take a look at it to see if it needs stitches

Answer #23

At least someone agrees…

Answer #24

stop man.. i said my point of view and ur being so defensive

Answer #25

… I wasn’t even talking to you. O_o

Answer #26

u were referring it to me

Answer #27

Wash wit water that HAS been boiled, mixed with salt and baking soda. This is anti-bacterial. Wash 3-4 times a day, keep clean - if possible keep open, BUT if your dog lick it, cover with bandage for a few days. If it is deep or has lots of dammage to the tissue - VET

Answer #28

thanks…alot…i was doing a little research….and with the rite cleaning…..the wound is starting to heal……scabs are forming near the gash……thanks alot

Answer #29

if its really deep or looks really bad take your dog to a vet.. if not let your dog heal on its own.. but i reccommend taking your dog to a vet anyway bcuz it could be more serious than it looks… and even if its not that bad.. just to make sure take your dog to a vet to be on the safe side

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