When traveling is it best to take travelers cheques, money orders, cash or credit cards?

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Depends on where you are going. Cash is always good, my parents usually give me a couple of hundred in the currency of the place I am going to. Credit cards are good to have as a back up (only in certain places). Never used travelers checks or money orders.

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I use travelers checks especially when traveling out of the country. Credit cards are easily used if lost and you will be out of luck. Cash in large amounts gets red flagged at air ports now adays. My advice keep 1 credit card and a travelers check.

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Best is an international debit card for use at ATM's

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I usually use a combination of cash and traveler's cheques. Cash is the simplest way to do business when traveling, and traveler's cheques can be replaced if stolen. Most places also have cash machines now, so I take a bank card to withdraw money if necessary. I rarely, rarely use credit cards abroad.

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I think traveller's cheques are better as it is more secure as you need to show them your passport to cash out the cheques. The only downside to travellers cheques are only banks cash these so you end up exchanging these cheques at the banks' rates which is lower then what you would get if you exchange your cash notes at one of the foreign exchange booths.....Having your own currency (cash) with you when you go overseas is good too as you can easily exchange these to the currency of the country you are holidaying in. This is especially helpful if you find the banks are closed and you need to cash your traveller cheques but can't wait til the next working day at least you got your Canadian cash with you to exchange…..Bring $100 dollar notes in your own currency is a great idea.

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