Preparations do you need to travel overseas with 2 children

What preparations do you need to travel overseas for a year with 2 children ?

Answer #1

Aside from clothing, passports and money? You may need visas, depending on the country you are going to. A work permit of some sort if you plan on working anywhere as well. Everyone may need certain immunizations. It’d help a little more if you said where you were going to, and possibly why. There are some pretty strict work restrictions out there if you planned on doing that.

Answer #2

Are you going on a holiday or permanent move?

For a holiday, apart from the obvious passport and jabs etc:

Make sure you have insurance if you will be taking a lot of quite expensive baby items such as a push chair, and also get good health care insurance (this can come with the travel insurance in some places).

Get plenty of high factor suncream, or sun block and buy a parasol and good hat etc. to keep your child covered in the sun (assuming you are going somewhere hot).

On the plane make sure your child has a bottle or drink/ suitable sweets that they can suck on when the plane is taking off and landing to try and avoid their ears clouding, as this will upset them.

If you do not want to feed them aeroplane food then make sure you put any food that you want to give them that is not solid (e.g. food you have made yourself/ youghurts etc) in your own lidded containers, as the original youghurt pots or jars of things are not generally allowed on the plane. You may also be asked to taste whatever you have packed, to prove what it is.

Take lots of things to occupy them! Think about all the time at night, or during the really hot midday sun, that you will be in the hotel with them. Take as much as you can as you can guarantee they will get bored even if you are enjoying yourself.

The other piece of advice I have seen before is to take a couple of black binliners and some tape. Sometimes hotel have bad curtains or blinds and children can be very sensitive to light when sleeping, so make sure you can make it dark for them.

Answer #3

No u dont need to do that becs is risk

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