What will I need 2 move 2 The United States PERMENANTLY,

What will I need 2 move 2 The United States PERMENANTLY, I have admired the US for my whole life and well, I love it.!! there is so much oppertuinity and awh, im just amazed by it and I wanna live there in the next few years, what will I need? =/

Answer #1

Lol, not american… Which is why I know how hard it is :)

Actually, they are trying to build up their soccer team… That’s always something you could look into?

oh and of course, marrying an american always works too…

Answer #2

I play proffesional football =/ (soccer) but you guys dont play much huh? well thats all I got, im not stupid but im not genius, football is all I know always have known or always will know. =(

Answer #3

You’ll need a job. Where someone will sponsor you. This costs money. Unless you have something special about you (I.e. a degree, a talent, etc), it is not very likely…

Answer #4

a hell of a lot of cash… for a hel of a lot of things and a mind set on a job that you want. we’re gonna have to stay in touch lol

Answer #5

For visa information, check out this site: http://www.uscis.gov/

it gives you a lot of good step by step from the government on the visa requirements, entry permission and what you need to become a permanent resident. As the requirements vary depending on your situation (eg, h1 b visa, student visa, spouse is citizen, etc) you’ll need different forms.

Good luck.

Answer #6

thanks guys, this is really helpful, and hope 2 SEE you soon.. lol

Answer #7

Depends what state your going to live in.

Answer #8

Well I have no job there but is it hard 2 find 1?

Answer #9

A job. A place to live. a lot of money to start out with. A car. Passport. License.


Answer #10

YOUR FROM THE UK!!! ye wee mad man,, lol.

I said US not UK.. lol

Answer #11

the only21 I wud consider are dodge and chevy. :L

Answer #12

If you buy a car in America, make sure it is an American car. Anything else is damaging our infrastructure and a lot of native-born Americans are too stupid to realize this.


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