Where is a great place to travel?

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India.. Flight only to Chennia (Madras) fantastic, you can back pack for so little money.. its shockingly cheep over there. but its amazing, stay away from the torest bits.. highly recomended, I've been twice now.. will go again im sure

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Turkey...unknown to most Americans but a major destination for the rest of the world. Turkey has everything you could possibly want in a vacation.

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Anywhere in Europe

Where's a good place near Baltimore to travel?
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San Juan Puerto rico.. I suggest goin on a cruise and stoping over a seven day period in five places thats what my disfunctional family did and we all loved it

What's a good place to travel in April?

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virgin islands are amazing!

Anyone know a great place for a family?
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Everywhere can be fascinating. It depends on how you decide to see the world!

Best places to travel

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I have been to around 25 countries so you need to give me a bit more info...what kinda things are you interested in?

What is right time to visit Great Canyon and which is the best place to stay there ecnomically?

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What ever you do don't go to Italy, ecspecially Venice.

Where do you think is a really great place to travel to meet new people?
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I suggest Maldives. It is the best place without the hustle-bustle of distracting tourists; here you can truly enjoy not just the flawless beauty of nature but also each other’s in undisturbed company especially on a romantic honeymoon. There are quite a few things to do in Maldives; whether it is an exciting water-sport or a couple’s massage at an exotic spa.

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What's a really good place to travel with lots of things to do?
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the great places maldives italy....

What's a good place to travel?
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China is a great place to have a trip, and Tibet is my dreaming place. I do really want to get to the holiest land in the world by visiting its unique culture and stunning natural scenery.

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They are just a great many and you can not choose one single option. Our world is simply filled with amazing and beautiful places created by nature and man. I advise you to visit the blog of Carmen where you can read about her travels and draw your own conclusions. The world is beautiful and anyone will find exactly own paradise.

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