Tragus piercing: gun or needle?

I've read that its best to go for needle for whatever reason?
Would you advise gun or needle? and why?

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It has to be a needle, for sure. Well, it doesn't HAVE to be a needle, but if you want a clean and safe procedure, that is what you should go with.

The thing is, in piercing parlors they use autoclaves which put I believe heat and pressure on all the equipment which rids it of all germs. Autoclaving is the only way you can safely kill all bacteria, therein lies the problem with the gun; it's plastic, and can't be sterilized properly.

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because they can shatter the cartilage for a start, they can easily give you infections.. want hepatitis?well dont use a piercing gun because you could get it.

guns are used by untrained idiots.
needles are much safer, easier and sterile.

piercing guns suck arse.
go for the needle!!! ONLY the needle

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But why? ^^
I'm not really sure about that, I think theyre fine..what about lobe piercings? Where's the harm in having a gun for a lobe piercing? My cartilage piercing was done with a gun and it's completely fine. If someone could explain why needles are better than I might understand... =/
WHY are guns horrible?

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omg I did mine with a gun yesterday, it hurts and is swollen should I take it out?

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it is accually ILLIGAL to use a gun one any other piercing besides the lobe cartilage piercing and other complacated piercing will be tramatized by the blow of a gun a needle is safer it is so sharpe it goes in like butter remember you should not have the choice of a gun it is illigal people doing it should be closed down!

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I really want to get my tragus pierced however im afraid that in my country all the piercings are done with piercing guns and im scared that it might shatter my cartilage...HALP OH HALP!!!however I do know few other people who got theirs pierced by a gun and it went ok...still HALP!!!

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in my country all piercings apart frm navel is doen with piercing far I have the regular lobe piercing,a cartilage piercing on my left ear and a nostril piercing.needles are used in the rural parts of my country...for example villages.

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Guns are horrible for EVERY AND ANY piercing.

How likely is it for a gun piercing to shatter your cartilage?

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never get any piercings done with the gun. it shatters carledge and they CANT sterlize them

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use a needle for sure!!

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Iokay okay...I hear everyone saying gun is rite and needle is I went to a professional piercing trainer and they said that the gun is better. They said that neither is bad bhut the gun forshoor...they said since the pointing part of. The earing is already sterilized then there's no should NEVER EVER USE A FAKE EARING...if you just got your catilage then its alright,the number onee reason why peoples tragus gets swollen iz because they put it up so hight wich is in the middle. If you don't want it to get swollen you should put a hoop earing in. I did one side with the gun and one side with the needle. The needle hurts a lil because your going slow. The gun just shocks you and hurts for 1 minute just put ice in it. With any piercing never put acholhol or peroxide on the ear unless you want it infected. I suggest you. Use soap and cold water. If you put a strait earing instead of a hoop you will have to twist it. So yeah holla

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Nononoo that normal, its fine, just make sure you keep it clean, try your hardest not to catch it and it should healup fine, if its still hurting and badly swollen after 3 or 4 days go back to the peircing shop and get a professional opinion, but they'll probably tell you what I have x

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guns are the worst!
do a needle
they can be disenfected and well duh!
you can aim with themm!

answere my qwestionspleas!

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