What has torque to do with the engine and what happens with it being more or less?

Answer #1

I think a torque provides power to the vehicle

Answer #2

torque means turning effect of force…..power is measured in horses and not torque

Answer #3

Torque is “turning force”. Simple force (like you could apply by pushing with your hand) is measured in Newtons (N) and you are not likely to be able to loosen a tight bolt just with your hand, but you might be able to with a short spanner.

The torque applied to the nut through the spanner is given by the product (result after multiplication) of the force in Newtons and the effective distance through which that force is applied (in metres) measured radially from the axis of intended motion (e.g. centre of the nut). It is measured in Newton metre (Nm).

If you don’t get enough Turning Force (torque) to turn the nut, either you increase the force by pushing with more force, or you increase the radial distance through which the force is being applied by using a spanner with a longer handle.

A car with a low torque may not be able to get moving when parked on a steep hill, or attempting to tow a heavy trailer, ….. . ….. whereas a car with a higher torque will be better able to do so.

Torque is determined by such things as the size of the engine, engine speed (in r.p.m) and the gear that is selected.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #4

A high torque car can avoid frequent changing of gears(manual transmission) compared to a low torque car. Also HT car is a good climber in hills, if it has a good gear box.

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