Do you thinks its wrong for a teahcer to lock you in a stoarge closet?

Answer #1

of course it is wrong!!!!!!!

I would so report that teacher!

Answer #2

no that just crazy who would do such a sinful thing??

Answer #3

Unorthodox form of “disciplining” is what comes to mind when I read this. Yes, I think it’s wrong, very wrong actually. You might have claustrophobia and then what? Nope, sticking you a corner with a hat is more effective, and safer.

Answer #4

yeah,its wrong !

Answer #5

yes the BIG white pointy hat with the word “Loser” would do much better then beggin in a dark stoarge closet!

Answer #6

yes i do have claustrophobia. AN he also did this cause i would not tie my shoes!!!!! so he stuck me in there for 3 hours. i tried to yell but he ignored it plus this was in the gym an it was very dark an i almost passed out!

Answer #7

i guess he didnt think it was wrong it was “dicipline”

Answer #8

wow that messed up you should report that

Answer #9

Yeah i did an they only talked to him

Answer #10

becuase he was mad

Answer #11

I did an they talked to him an said that was not nice than the next day he made me miss my lunch periode an made me right a 2 page paper of how sorry i shopuld bt for being disprespectful

Answer #12

Yeah i did an they only talked to him

Answer #13

Their not spost to do that? :o

Answer #14

Hahah no there not!

Answer #15

I absolutely think it’s wrong. Like Miguel said, someone may have claustrophobia. What if the student got so scared they passed out, had a panic attack, or even a heart attack? The school or the teacher one would be sued!…

I think you should tell your parents about this, and have them have a talk with the principal, or school board. Just “talking” to the teacher was not enough in my opinion. This is a big deal, and it doesn’t seem like the school is treating it like a big deal.

Answer #16

Um hello? Social Services people!!

Answer #17

Get your parents to contact the school board - this kind of behaviour is not tolerated in Canada….by going to the school board, you are going over the principal’s head and there is more likely to be something done about it.

Answer #18

Welll lets just say that my school is quite ghetto!!!! an the teahceer was really crazy he drank so much coffee that his hands always shaked, he asked a kid if he had a lighter!!!! an he always constnaly yelled at studedts makin them feel bad bout themmselves he swporre the only reason why the school kept him is becuase he was the only music teahcer they could find!

Answer #19

d need a better reason to contact them!

Answer #20

sorry sent it i wasnt done in my town its not that easy to call em

Answer #21

But see lets say im not the best sutdent ever an so yehaaa

Answer #22

it doesn’t matter….teachers are not allowed to discipline in this manner

Answer #23

wellv i guess this crazyy ass teacher does

Answer #24

F^ck yesh >:-(

Answer #25

yeall well you msut be preee supid

Answer #26

i meant to board of education…they wont talk to him they will dismiss him of his duties! what he is doing is against the law…a teacher is hired by the board of education, to teach & supervise the student…with that said its their obligation as an educator to make sure the students are safe in their presence! If for any reason one happens to suspect something else going on, like a teacher abusing a student in any shape form or way…its the parents obligation to make a huge issue of it…that is why they have things like parents association for! They need to be contacted in your school…and they are deal with it…

  1. they are to contact an attorney at law & file a petition, because the school hasnt done anything about it…
  2. a copy is to be sent to a few people…for ex: a. the school…b. the teacher…c. the board of education… Then a waiting period…if that doesnt change then there are others…til you get to the congressman…and of course the press will have a field day with it….

You dont just sit there & give up! You have to make it heard…if the school isnt gnna do sh!t about it you have to for your sake as well as the other student! make it a united front…we’ll see who is Ghetto now?!

I wish you luck my friend! Please keep us posted, good luck!

Answer #27

really?wow…i would sue him ha or report him!!

Answer #28

Yeah ive tried doin that an its not a big enough case to sue someone haaaa well i think… An i did they only said we”ll talk to him!

Answer #29

why the f^ck would he lock u in a storage closet O.O

Answer #30

Cause he hot mad cause i wouldnt tie up my shoes yet i wasnt even playin in gym that day

Answer #31

Well, I think you should contact the school board.

Answer #32

I mean your parents need to.

Answer #33

yea….its wrong…what ever happened to the hallway or the corner? geez some teachers are just way to harsh with their disiplene

Answer #34

hahah yup agreed

Answer #35

haha yupp i think so too

Answer #36

thanmk so msuh yours helped alot :)

Answer #37

Yes, of course it’s wrong. I wouldn’t let him lock me in a closet. That’s retarded. He should be fired.

Answer #38

he just got fired

Answer #39

that is good to hear :-]

Answer #40

That’s great! :D

Answer #41

yes …

Answer #42

GREAT! did u sue him?

Answer #43

no i didnt

Answer #44


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