Who else thinks teachers are wrong about studying?

Cause cramming the night before a test or even 10 minutes before the test sure does help me!

Answer #1

well im gonna have to disagree with you on that! I feel more confident and i tend to remember thign s i studied if i do it liek a week before every night! But thats just me! if it helps u well.. it helps u! and its all good :)

Answer #2

It definitely helps me!! I always cram right before tests and im sure it helps

Answer #3

Every student has different studying style. Some needs longer time than the others. Wht teachers do not suggest their students to prepare a test just in the night before is because if the materials are too many than staying awake until late at night will make you tired and this condition will affect your concentration in the following day. Learning is a proses of mastering a knowledge which can not be done only in one night. Maybe what you do the night before or 10 minutes before will help you with the test, the question is, how long is the subject stay in your brain? Most likely students will instantly forget as soon as the test is done. If you prepare it, master it from the main root, meaning that you UNDERSTAND and not MEMORIZE the subject will make you ready at anytime the test comes :)

Answer #4

Olivia, I agree with you. I forget everything that does interest me within the hour, unless its geometry and algebra, because I remember everything I learned last year. I procrastinate a lot so I do study the night before or maybe 10 minutes before the test, as you said.

Answer #5

i say all answers in my iphone is the best studying tool

Answer #6

I think it is a question on what makes you feel more comfortable. With myself studying hard for lets say a week or two can have the affect of burning my brain out. I found that hitting it hard the night before really hard, well the answers stayed more fresh in my mind and consequently I did very well.

Answer #7

Usually, once I go to sleep, the information sticks in my head better. I usually study over time, but a quick go over right before the test really helps.

Answer #8

lol honestly i study like 10 mins before a test and it seems to work out to 75% or higher everytime lol..or i just skip the test and have ppl take pictures of it for me :P

Answer #9

Teachers want you to LEARN not CRAM. So no they are not wrong. Nonetheless, I studied the night before every exam, and here I am. However, I do acknowledge that while I may actually sit down to memorize stuff the night before, I do actually prepare several days in advance. Good luck with your study method if you get to college… I have met very few people with the ability to only study the night before and actually get good grades.

Answer #10

I also want to point out, that my aim is always an A. A 75% or above is never good enough. But if it is for you, then absolutely, last minute studying is more than enough prep time.

Answer #11

Well thanks for the insult, cause I totally needed that -_- And I do intend on going to college THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Answer #12

I almost always get above an 85%

Answer #13

I agree with Ty.

Answer #14

lol ty ur gonna chirp make sure what ur saying makes sense. “75% or above is never good enough” so 95 isnt good enough? what is? please tell me. and 75% average is enough to get into a half decent university here in ontario. fyi my last test i wrote was 93% so chill

Answer #15

The insult? Me pointing out that your study methods are unlikely to work in college (and get you above a B) is an insult? Also, you know, maybe those people who’ve been to college (like your teachers) might actually know what they’re talking about. Not that I blame you. Having all the answers is kinda a teenage curse.

Answer #16

She isn’t trying to insult you, she’s simply giving you her feedback and honest opinion. In all fairness, that’s exactly what you asked for.

Answer #17

Whatever. It works for me. If not for you then so what.

Answer #18

The “good luck with college “ Part I find rather insulting.

Answer #19

No no no the “if you get to college” part losses me off

Answer #20

And no 75% OR above is not good enough. This implies that anything above a 75 is acceptable. A 93% OR above is. But each to his own. And yes, absolutely a 75 is enough to get into a decent university. I rarely aim for decent. I am allowed my standards aren’t I? And you are allowed yours.

Answer #21

there is a difference between studying to learn and studying to pass. studying to learn is literally to learn for your own knowledge and have it remembered all the time. studying to pass is just studying enough to pass the test, and after the test you don’t remember it.

Answer #22

It doesn’t help for university. unless you are studying something meaningless. You can still get away with it at school. At university I sometimes have to sit 2-3 weeks in advance with my studies because of the massive amount of work. Also cramming only helps you remember for the rest, not long term. It’s better in my opinion to study properly beforehand and understand it and then for the next test you don’t have to cram again.

Answer #23

It may help you pass that test, but I highly doubt you’ll still remember the information in 2 weeks, which is why you learn at school- to retain information that will help you next year, and the year after, and the year after………

Answer #24

Ty is just pointing out that when you are in college, you are learning A LOT more than school, and the things you are learning about are much more in-depth, simply too much information to cram the night before. If you want to get through college, I highly recommend that you take the time now while you are younger to find a study timetable that works for you. Otherwise you’ll be sitting in your dorm at College, crying and panicking because you don’t know how to study and you can’t remember anything.

Answer #25

When you cram the information goes into your shortterm memory. People differ but the short term memory does not last long. You’ll score well on the immediate test only. When you continually study the information is processed into your longterm memory. This is where your teachers want it so that you can retrieve the information at a later date (weeks, months, or even years later).

Answer #26

college is soft, its uni ppl need to be worried about, obv im not gonna cram if i decide to go to university

Answer #27

College and university are used interchangeably where I am. I see no need to nitpick over the differences. Nonetheless, I am way past either stage.

Answer #28

lol ty, i cant really say forsure, its just the courses in my high school are seperated by uni courses and college. i tried doing uni math, and i dropped down to college level because it was too hard, and i finished college math with a 90 lol, so im assuming college is going to be mad easy compared to uni

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