What do you think is wrong with your current education system?

A couple of friends and I have just started a discussion regarding the current education system in OUR country and what is overall just not right with it.

So Now I am wondering what your opinions are on this matter and what you feel is needed to improve education (whether it is financially practical or not). Just for interest sake.

We decided that in our country they don’t give enough attention to basic language skills and maths and that teenagers do not get enough support to help them get into university.

Answer #1

I think our educational system is right on track, actually….in an analysis of 17 countries, Canada is #2, second only to Finland.

Answer #2

Everything! lol Look at China. :]

Answer #3

yes,there is a lot more wrong going on with our education system,i knew it,but i actually saw it truly on one of the movie (3 idiots) it shows the bad indian education system and it forces to make it better as well. the problem is PRESSURE,some teachers put a lot of pressure on chilren including their own parents,this is getting worse day by day.Putting pressure on them makes them so scared that i have heard loads of news related to sui.cide.Too much of pressure on any object leads to break down of that object and we are more than just an object ..Everyone has there own limits, if you try to exceed it by putting pressure they will break 1day,the parents themselves dont even realize that their kids are also humans and they all cant TOP their class.if they are good in basketball or singing,usually its ignored and said to be FUN and parents force them only to study.I mean the parents will not decide our future,and that what happens with maximum people.

Answer #4

Academically is ok at least im fortunate to have good education in school. But i think current education system lack of moral education. The school is just pressurizing student to do well in their studies and they just neglect teaching students on moral education.

Answer #5

I’m curious, can you maybe provide me with more information about why you are second in the world? It should bring up some interesting points in my discussion with friends. Please. Or a website.

Answer #6

We have to address our teachers by their last names and in the school just on the other side of town, they don’t have to. I think calling teachers by their first names gives a more casual atmosphere and in a more casual atmosphere, you feel more relaxed and there are less issues in school.

Answer #7

well my school has barely ne money, and there education compared to other schools i have been to is poor. and i agrre with icholeheart with the “pressuring students, and neglecting them” that is my opionin

Answer #8

good answer

Answer #9

pressure is the worst thing.

Answer #10

What type of moral education would you say that they need i.e. what would in your opinion have to be introduced in schools.

Answer #11

i know, but i come from a poor town, that apperantely was high ranked wit mcas scores, i find that funny though cuz, when i moved here i was ahead of hem acedenically, and i missed the last week of my old school. they also lost to my old school in the math team, which i knew was gonna happen

Answer #12

hmm.. Being respectful to others, Being responsible, Being enterprise, Having good discipline, being poliet to others.

Answer #13

i mean teaching students all this moral which i had stated above.

Answer #14

i used to have seperate moral science class in which they taught this.:)

Answer #15

This page has some great insight for you: http://funadvice.com/r/3k9fd4imaj

Answer #16

I think the biggest problem with the education system is that school districts get their share of the financial pie based on the tax value of the homes surrounding the school.

That means, schools in the ghetto get far less than schools in nice areas, just due to the home value in the surrounding area.

It should be balanced. Because the way that pay structure is set up, kids born in poor areas are getting far less education. And thats just a sick cycle.

Answer #17

If you’re interested, pick up the book Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozol.

Answer #18

Thanks. I’ll try and get a copy.

Answer #19

I think teachers deserve to be addressed like the professionals they are. Mr. Ms. or Dr if they have a doctorate. I see no advantage to a casual classroom; both students and teachers are there for important business.

I think teachers should address students by their last names as well. Respect is a two way street.

In class I always addressed students as Mr or Ms even if I was on a first name basis with them outside of class.

I found students behave much better when you treat them like human beings and respect their time and effort instead of treating them like cattle. I was probably influenced by the movie “To Sir with Love” that I saw at an impressionable age.

Answer #20

Agreed with filletofspam. How is it teaching children to have respect for those with more life experience and who is older than them than by just being casual.

Answer #21

We MUST stay with the curriculum. they don’t even let us do roots&shoots!!!!

Answer #22

You want to teach your version of what is moral? Dont you think that could be very very very tricky? Because not everyone agrees what morality is?

Answer #23

Because pupils feel less unimportant and pressured. They are less likely misbehave in a way to rebel against their ‘ranking.’ My school has lots of problems, the one across town doesn’t because pupils there actually feel comfy being there.

Answer #24

In my school we were forced to say Mr or Mrs and it never led to discipline problems. I believe that it teaches children to be respectful. I do however feel that teachers should have the same attitude towards learners, after all respect is earned.

Answer #25

Thank you.

Answer #26

They tend to teach us to be booksmart, but they expect us to be streetsmart. They don’t understand that we all come from different backrounds, and some of us have parents that don’t care if we fail, some of us are adopted and feel like an outsider, some of us pressured into doing perfectly, some of us have lost someone and don’t think straight. They don’t under stand that we all think differently. They think that if we don’t do it the way other people do that we have a learning disability. They don’ let us learn about saving the enviroment. We teach ourselves.

Answer #27

SOOOOO true!!!

Answer #28

a better question would be “what is right with the current eaducation system” :P


Answer #29

So actually you are all agreeing by saying that teachers and students should either both treat each other with respect or both should be casual. Basically treat each other more or less on the same level instead of absolutely being a case of the teacher is in charge and the student is a lackey?

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