Who thinks restaurants should start putting calorie contents on their foods/drinks?

Answer #1

I think that would be a god idea. Many people that are trying to watch their weight still like to go out to eat.

However, I don’t think it will ever happen because of what it would cause. I don’t think a lot of restaurants would get a lot of business if people knew how many calories was in their food. They don’t want them knowing…it would probably cause a lot of restaurants to go out of business quick.

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Answer #3

Yeah propbably! I think they should just put it on foods that arent that high in calories and highlight the good stuff, that would definately work in their favour. If they had any low calorie foods. Lol but with all this obesity and whatever I think it might be a step in the right direction.

Answer #4

Pretty sure all major restaurants have all the nutritional information available to the customer if they so desire it. Websites and such.

Answer #5

I agree…haha. I doubt somewhere like Mcdonalds is going to have any low calorie foods. Even their salads are probably 3,000 calories. xD

Answer #6

Not alot of restaurants Ive been to. Theres only one place I know that shows calories and thats only on the low calorie food

Answer #7

I feel that we all know fast food is unhealthy. Also know restraunts serve food, we all know what is healthy and not. If people are that health consious they should eat in.

Answer #8

Honestly, I think that the nutritional info serves only as a shield against lawsuites for the food industry. Someone who frequents a fast food restaurant, for example, can’t go and say how their food has made them unhealthy and obese. If people really wanted to turn their backs on the foods that are pretty much killing them, they wouldn’t eat it to begin with. No nutritional chart can make you pick something that you don’t want to eat.

Answer #9

No! When I go to eat out, that’s the one time I forget about what I eat and just enjoy myself!

Answer #10

I think its a good idea. I went to popeyes the other day and they had the nutritional content posted. Now I know that popeyes is very unhealthy, but its different seeing all of the info in front of my eyes. I literally lost my appetite, and haven’t been back since.

Answer #11

Usually most people that are watching their weight & calorie intake know exactly how many cal’s are in what they eat from being so cautious…i mean seriously if you are going to be on a diet & go out to eat a greasy hamburger you need to just stop kidding yourself & know that its going to be a lot…same with all greasy, fried, foods for that matter…

If you are someone like me that watches intake you will know that the least amount of cal’s in food will be in steamed, cooked, poached, & grilled foods…no oil, no shorting, no butter in foods that means minus a lot of stuff…not to mention what carbs do to you! so more or less you know it has to stay in those areas when ordering…instead of getting friend rice get steamed rice…instead of that yummy hamburger get a vegi burger, instead of fried chicken get grilled chicken…and so on…instead of side dishes like french fries go for a baked potato or steamed vegi’s (no gravy or butter on it…)

know the facts before eating out is the only way to rest assured of the calorie intake…if you wait for them to mark it for you as mentioned they wont…bad for business…they ant explain how they fry the fish then sautee in a rich garlic butter to make it taste so heavenly there is 100cal’s just by mentioning that…now if you are on a 900 cal a day how on earch can you even think about having with a sauce that is 100cal’s alone…then your main meal another 400cal’s plus the side dish that is another 150 cal’s and the soft drink/glass of wine or whatever which is another 200cals I mean if you are gonna be that way dont go out to eat…or just say tonight i am allowing myself to cheat & tomorrow its back to dieting…walk that extra block or 2…just have fun for that 1 night…but limit that to once a month only!

hope that helped!

Answer #12

Well some things might appear healthy but are not you dont know how its prepared in the kitchen and if it was fried with ‘fry lites’ or aload of greasy fat.

Answer #13

May as well. Those who are interested will read it, those who aren’t….won’t.

Answer #14

Im referring to all restaurants by the way tapas/chinese/fast food/pub meals/indian/italian/thai etc. Not just fast food.

Answer #15

I think so because sometimes people wonder how many calories or fat.. etc they are eating. Most people are cautious about their weight these days.

And if you dont care its always fun to read.. thats what i do

Answer #16

It’s somewhat irrelevant (calories) because it’s the ingredients that matter; ;our body can metabolize real sugar not high fructose corn syrup; also aspartame and some of the other supposed ‘no calorie or low calorie’ substitutes are really detrimental to your body; they actually affect your metabolism (and other thing) in a negative way of which you will actually gain weight! So calorie count is not what we really need to be wary of we need to make sure the ingredients are real food, not genetically modified chemicals et al!

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