Thinkin they're P-I-M-P-S!

This isn’t really what you call a question, but it’s been bugging me, so I need your opinion. What I couldn’t help but notice is how judgemental guys are of girls. They’re always going on about how they want their woman to be a dime piece and this and that, and they’re not all that themselves. For example, this guy in my math class said, “ I want my girl to have no flaws.” The thing is, he has A LOT of flaws and that bothers me that he would even say a thing like that. Guys think they’re straight up pimps and they can get any woman they want, but personally, I think sll this has to stop!!! It’s so hypocritical. What do you think, because I’m furious about it!!!

Answer #1

I’d like to bring a male perspective to this discussion. I’ll admit that a lot of guys think they can get farther with women than they actually can…but women are just as bad. Women have their “types” they get hung up on. Another thing that drives me crazy about women is that, a guy can just be talking with you, being friendly and visiting, and a woman will instantly suspect that he’s trying to get in her pants. So she’ll be cold and standoffish when in reality the guy is just being nice. If you want some jerk to satisfy your hormonally driven cravings, fine. But don’t assume that all guys are trying to get with you, because you’re just not everything you think you are.

Answer #2

Let me offer you somthing else. I know a woman, she was 5 foot 2 and 270 lbs at her heaviest. AT her heaviest the man she’d been with for 8 years, and married to for 5 years still loved her, mroe then anything, Finally after several more years she decided to get gastric bypass surgery. she is now 5 foot 2 and about 110 lbs. She’s super thin, BUT she’s still insecure, now she just doesn’t have the weight to hide behind. She left her husband of 11 years, that she’d been with for 14 years, to be with a man she had “sort of” known 10 years before in high school. Why ? Because all of the sudden she thought she was perfect. The guy she left her husband for is now planning on marrying her in December, but it’s funny how when she was fat he didn’t notice her, and now they’re getting married isn’t it ?

Women do the same thing, she thought she could “do better” then her husband, because NOW she was”hot” so she left and went looking for better, but she didn’t even leave first, she left her husband for another man. And you would wonder why he’d be afraid again after that. People are vicious, they always want the BEST to them that they can get

Just remember, your perfect may be someonee elses “omg NO” and someone elses perfect you may think is horrible, either looks or personality wise. Beauty and perfection are int he eyes of the beholder

Answer #3

My opinon about it is that I see a lot of those guys at my school and it make me sick because no one in this world has no flaws and can be perfect unless they were a robot… But its not only guys that think that way but girls to. I know girls who will dump a guy just cause how the dress or don’t talk to them as much as they want. But truth is if us girls had guys that done everything we wanted them to do it would get boring fast. I hate how my friends will just date guys from a few day to a week then dump them over stupid stuff. Who ever that guy was that said that about “wanting a girl with NO FLAWS” better stop dreaming cause every girl has flaws and he should just get his head out of the clouds or his butt and stop dreaming casue it is not going to happen. Thats just my opinion. Peace out….

Answer #4

yeah i know exactly what u mean. boys always asume that they could get any girl or any girl in to bed in fact! but half of them definatley could not with their imature attitudes to it all…just forget about it they wil learn to GROW UP eventually and wil realise that no one is perfect and they wil just have to accept that chances are they arnt going to end up wiht about 6 girlfriends that look like supermodels! xD

Answer #5

well of course they wanna show off! thye want people to thinkl their cool. everybody does in their own ways. thats just how peolple are they want to be noticed . they could do anything from swishing their butt while they walk to weraing big chains ont heir necks. who doesnt want the best they can get??? everybody wnats it as good as it can get. seriously who can be mad at him?? ur supposed to have confidence.

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