What is a good theme for a teenage girl's room?

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Animal Print :) or wall paper with big floral patterns on All my friends have those :)

Answer #4

It depends on what you like.

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it depends who you are there are maany themes such as: -wild animals -grunge -rock -80s -emo -scene -prep -girly -princess -music -sports

personaly my room doesnt have a theme, just a collection of thingsi like, the only thing that ties it together is all of my firniture is white, my walls are baby blue but you can barely see them because they’re covered in posters. Just go with what you like.

Answer #6

hearts, flowers, colours,

Answer #7

Depends on her personal taste. For about 70% of all teenage girls, I’d say VAMPIRES!!!

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It depends on what you like and what type of girl you are. For me, I’d want an eclectic room filled with books, zombie posters, artwork, murals I’ve painted on my walls with black wall paint everywhere else, records covering the ceiling (and the ceiling being a dark green color underneath the records), large black and white checkered linoleum flooring, black bedding, black furniture with silver on it as trim, a large bed with a ton of pillows and stuffed animals, insect specimens hanging on the wall, and various other things I like. That would pretty much be my dream room.

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Answer #10

justin beiber

Answer #11

Modern - eg pod chairs, bright colours, uses of white, red, blue and yellow…. Fashion “chic” - eg zebra/animal prints, the swirly lines print for wallpaper or something, flowers, mirrors, vanity table, dark, red, colours… Fresh/flowery/clean - mint colour for wallpaper and pretty trinkets which make the room look cute and fresh and girly. Flowers, pretty pictures Oriental - eg lanterns, red and white and touch of brown colours, cute japanese geisha dolls, cute japanese everything! :D Sunshine - bright fresh colours eg orange, yellow flowy curtains, beige carpet Funky - eg bright crazy flower typer patterns on wall, clash of different bright colours Grunge - black, brown, red, purple with posters and w/e

Answer #12

Anything represent your personality and in which you feel comfortable. And I would say….. fruity…

Answer #13

punk, rocker chic, food, music, musical instruments?

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