The wire at the end of my brace is hurting me.

I got my braces tightened on my bottom teeth yesterday and theres a tiny little bit of wire that sticks out at the end of the brace and it’s digging into my cheek. It’s really hurting!

What can I do to get it off or stop it hurting or digging in? I tried putting wax on it but it doesn’t really work much.

Everytime I eat my tounge catches it and it scratches.


Answer #1

I used to have braces and that happens a lot just get some wax and put it on the end it should stop until your next appointment :)

Answer #2

or you could very carefully trim the wire that is poking into your gums but if that is not an option call your orthodontist

Answer #3

Call your orthodontist and tell him. It’s probley too long and needs to be cut. That happened to me all the time when they tightened mine.

Answer #4

Mine Is Out About This Much __ (it feels worse than it looks) I Can’t Talk Or Move My Mouth Or Anything. To Go To Sleep I Had To Put A Towel In My Mouth So It Would Stop Scratching And SHREDDING My Cheek. My Dad Said His Friend’s Son’s Orthodontist Told Him He COULD Cut The Wire With Plyers Or Something If He Needed Too. (we have the same ortho) I Didn’t Want To Though Just In Case, And It’s Sticking Out So Much Wax Won’t Stick To It. Try Putting Some Orajel On You Cheek Or Like I Did, Shove A Towel In Your Mouth. =S It’s Not Real Comfy Or Fashionable But It’s Better Than Having Your Cheek Scratched and Poked At.

Answer #5

I know this hurts really bad so if wax dosent help take fingernail clippers soak them in alchohol and just cut it. If this still dosent help try to call your ortho and have them cut it off. After you get the wire cut its going to take a while for your cheek and tounge to heal so if you take some orajel or something like that it will numb it so you can live yourlife without pain. HOPE THIS HELPS!

Answer #6

call your othodontist or cut itt

Answer #7

Sooo I have braces they suck like eggs and you can do one of three things which I have done. they all work fairly well:

1.)Put a butt-load of wax on it! 2.)Go to the dentist and get it cut (sometimes it cant be cut anymore or the tool wont fit). 3.)Get a the Rembrandt teeth whitening kit (you can get it at target) and save the whitening stuff for when you get your braces off and then use the moldable trays for the back part . So you take the tray cut it, put it in HOT water then put it on the side that hurts, bite down and suck the air out of your mouth to get a tighter fit, finally wait about eight second and take it out. works like a charm every time I did it because I already had the kit. I use it now and swear by it, I got some of my friends to do it too.

  • No more brace pain!
Answer #8

omg I thought I was the only one with this problem! it really hurts and is cutting all my cheeks :( I have to wait another 2 weeks they should put something metal on the end thats not STABBY AND POINTY :(

Answer #9

I have exactly the same problem but my orthodentist is away for 5 days!!! It REALLY hurts and when I try to put wax in it doesnt stick!!! It’s at the extreme back of my mouth!! HELP!!!

Answer #10

I got my braces 3 days ago and I have the same exact problem. the damn pointy and stabby wires at the end. applying wax to them helps a lot to prevent pain and cheek injuries. on the other hand I’m asking myself the same question: why don’t they make these wires a bit more comfy? the orthos surely know that these wires are gonna be a pain for the patients and they care less, they could’ve adjust it to another angle so it wont stab the gum/inner cheek. I’m sure there’s something to prevent this, like a soft material to attach at the edge end of the wire. It’s annoying suffering because these stupid wires who could’ve been fixed at least that’s what I think, I personally put the blame on my ortho for slacking at the finishing part with the wires and I’m gonna be very mad at him when we next meet. I had intentions of suing him about these wires (I know that the brackets of the braces do tend to stab, less pain though, but the wire is just another story and should be prevented). I can barely move my mouth, when I brush my teeth I can’t spit the water out, must let it flow out… Bottom line, I know I’m new to this, only 3 days of braces and already complains, maybe there is a good solution for this which I don’t know yet, but hey that was my personal opinion… I just hope I won’t have to suffer for 1 more year and a half

Answer #11

I am thinking about takeing toe nail cliiper and cutting mine off but my friend said they have done it before and the ortho yelled at them

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