How do u teach a 1 yr old baby how to read?

Answer #1

you dont. poor things cant even talk or walk & you want them to read??

Answer #2

If you just read to them they will eventually learn by watching

Answer #3

talk to them, sing songs- but they can just read like that it takes time.

Answer #4

You can’t teach 1 year old child to read every age has its own routin and commitments GENERALLY we learn at age 5 or 6 because 1 year old has more responsibility that we don’t realize them…at this age the baby starts to discover SIMPLE THINGS around him/her not hard things like READING…he may even tear or eat the papers not reading them! this is the human nature…and you can’t change it

Answer #5

You can recite the alphabet regularly (perhaps like a song) so that they get to recognize the official sounds of letters and the standard sequence in the alphabet.

You can read to them from a baby book so that they can see the book while you are reading - and following the words with your index finger.

The baby will like the same thing to be read repeatedly and will begin to associate the letters and words you are pointing to with the words you are reading out.

You can lie down with them on the floor so that they can draw with a crayon on a blank piece of paper. Try to encourage them to mimic a few simple patterns like spirals, wave shapes, and zig-zags. From time to time, write a letter (lower-case only to start with) and vocalize the letter as you write it. In time, you can expect the child to attempt to copy the shape and sound of the letter. Don’t expect too much to start with though. Initially you are attempting to develop the cognitive skills leading to reading and writing that may not actually start to show up until around age three.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #6

dude, if your baby is a year old and it cant talk or walk you arent parenting correctly. As for teaching the baby to read, its all about repitition. What i did was make a bunch of flash cards with words written really big, you might want to print them from the computer if your handwriting isnt perfect. of course, your baby will need to know how to talk first and recognize what words are, if you say ear, they need to know what ear is. so when you show them the card and word for ear, they will recognize it as the body part. My baby was talking at 7 months and reading at 11. of course, no baby is going to read perfectly, only expect books with like 3 words on each page, because they cant remember too many words. also, dont overload your baby buy practicing with the cards for hours at a time. only about 20-30 minutes a day, and sometimes not even all at once. Practice when your baby is wide awake and paying attention to you. This is when they are most easily taught. Good luck!

Answer #7

“If your baby is one years old and cant walk or talk already your parenting wrong” What bullsh!t advice. Children develop at different speeds my dear and not every child starts speaking or walking before they are one years old, that has NO correspondence to their parenting abilities. As for teaching a one year old to read - it really is too young to expect a child to pick up a book and read along. That doesnt mean you shouldnt be practicing and doing simple excercises with them at that age though. Reading books to them, pointing out colors and animals so they get a visual of what your saying, talking to them as adults and not in baby gibberish, explaining things as your doing them, etc. There are other skills a child needs to learn before they will be able to read.

Answer #8

I highly disagree with your first sentence. Just because a 1 year old child can’t talk or walk, that doesn’t mean that it’s because of bad parenting skills. Children develop and learn at different speeds. At 1 year old, a lot of children are just starting to learn their first words – and that’s okay. The child I take care of is 18 months old and he’s starting with his words. His parents and I are constantly putting effort in for the child to learn. We show him pictures of things, we sound things out.. you name it. So no, it does NOT mean that the parents are necessarily bad.

Answer #9

It is possible through word recognition, showing them the word and then the item and then saying the word and repeating the process until you are blue in the face. There is a program out there called Your Baby Can Read, but I am not sure how well it works. Remember, every child learns at his or her own rate.

Answer #10

A child’s brain isn’t ready for reading at the age of one (: If you want to teach them anything, try teaching them the alphabet song. And read plenty of books to the child! Kids love that!

Answer #11

My nephew learned when he was two, he knew his alphabet when he was one. If you just let them learn at their own speed, I believe that they will learn.

Answer #12

You realize that a child has to be able to recognize symbols before they can read. That is almost impossible for a 1 year old. Why push for the impossible. It’s not like a child who can read at 3 is going to be oh so far behind a child who can read at 5. Just read, teach them stuff, and when the brain has reached a certain level of development they’ll pick it up quickly.

Answer #13

There is a difference between reading and memorizing words. What you are describing is simply memorizing high frequency words. If your child was able to truly read at 1, they should have known every letter in the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes. Knowing the letters and sounds are only half the battle. Strengthening phonemic awareness is also an essential part to teaching your child to read. At some point they will stumble on a word they have never seen and they will have to sound it out. Memorization of high frequency words will not help them when presented by words like psychoneuroimmunology or Phenylketonuric. They will have to sound them out slowly. Its quite helpful to introduce children to new things and teach them simple concepts such as big and small, over and under, before and after. You’d be surprised how many kids start school without a thorough understanding of these things simple concepts. I think many people are in such a rush to have their kids read that they take for granted the fact that knowing these other “over and under” type concepts are not innate and must be taught.

Answer #14

I wasn talking about mine. Mine is 18months & she walked two days before her birthday..

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