What are some tactics I can use to get better control of my five year daughter?

She is very bright but extremely load, she is very misbehaved. What can we do?

Answer #1

Try time outs, facing a corner, no window or tv or music or anything but a chair, or standing…

Answer #2

How long does time out last?

Answer #3

try telling her that if she keeps behaving like that she will not be able to go out and ply or do FUn stuff SHOW NO MERCY!

Answer #4

There are so many kinds of discipline. Each can be successful so long as you do not budge. Always follow through. If you say no T.V. Then don’t give in. You gotta make sure they know you are serious. Golden rule “Be consistent”

Answer #5

Consistency is the main thing that parents miss when trying to gain control over their children. Use the time out method, use about 1 minute per age i.e. 5 minutes for her and keep on doing it until she sits in time out for 5 minutes. Remember to first give her a warning before you act.

Answer #6

as long as you think, it depends on the crime.. my longest timeout was an hour lol my shortest, about 4 mins

Answer #7

yeah but actually follow through with it

Answer #8

If she is 5, make it 5 minutes. No longer than that. And if she gets up before time out is up, start the 5 minutes over again.

Answer #9

yea i guess so

Answer #10

that never worked for me, it depends who you are i gues.

Answer #11

That is what is recommended. And the reason time outs doesn’t work is because parents don’t follow it through properly and also not everytime, so children learn to sometimes take chances.

Answer #12

i stayed in timeout and got out and my mom kept it up, but i t never worked.. im so unruley :p nothin ever works for me.. shes tried everything lol

Answer #13

Then you’re the exception to the rule. It should always work if parents don’t mess it up. And usually they feel sorry for the kid and do slack off.

Answer #14

Well as others have said consistency and follow through is what makes or breaks the discipline.

Other advice I can give you is don’t let groundings add up to the point where it has no meaning to the child. If she is ground for the next 6 months any ways, what is another month really going to mean? I observed this a lot with a friend in middle school. At that point you need to find a different punishment.

Answer #15

Do you have children of your own¿ Cause it certainly doesn’t sound like it. it always works, that’s crazy.

Answer #16


Answer #17

its funny how some people think time outs are going to discipline their children..sometimes all you need is rise your voice and let her know you are the one in charge, not her..and if necessary..not recommend, a whopping..again..i dont recommend you to go that far

Answer #18

Nope. I don’t. But my parents were consistent and it worked with all four of us.

Answer #19

different people need different punishments

Answer #20

For my daughter who was very social, she would have to sit in the corner of the kitchen (I used the kitchen timer). Noone was allowed to acknowledge her. If she screamed I added time to the clock. If she got up I put her back and started over. She hated it so much that just the threat usually worked.

Make sure you don’t give a punishment that doesn’t match the offense. Also, once you state a punishment you must follow through. Never say a punishment you cannot do.

You should also work on your voice and look. My kids are now 17 and 21 and just a look or a stern word can make them stop what they are doing.

Answer #21

Sounds like great advice, I’ll be sure to try that over the weekend. thanks!

Answer #22

I hadn’t thought of that as my children are 3, 5, and 7, but thats good advice.

Answer #23

I got the stare down real quick lol

Answer #24

With whatever method you choose (many answeres and advice already here) just be extremely consistant. As said earlier, kids will take chances if you are not the same every time. Tell them how it is, they WILL test you, and be patient.

Also a little tip from a kid i used to babysit, he used to throw tantrums just to get a reaction out of me. I didnt show i was mad, i laughed and told him that was so funny that he was trying to make me mad. I sent him to his room and told him what he was saying/doing wasnt making me mad or hurting my feelings, he was just showing how much of a little boy he is instead of a big boy, then I left the room telling him to let me know when he grew up to a big boy. after awhile he came out and said he was sorry and ready to be a big boy. Worked for him, most of the time they want a mad reaction.

p.s if you laugh, dont laugh like its funny, laugh like its riddiculous and so ‘little-kiddish’

Answer #25

Yah I noticed it very quickly with a friend of mine in middle school. He was consistently grounded for bad grades, and another 3 months tacked onto a 1 year sentence doesn’t mean jack.

Answer #26

Years ago, my therapist told me to “get mad, let him see you have boundaries and limits and that when he pushes you to them, you get hurt and upset just like he does.” It worked for me. Too many parents let their kids push them around too much these days.

Also try positive reinforcement instead of punishment for doing wrong. Such as “if you sit quietly for the next 30 minutes and eat your dinner, I will give you __“ I had to learn that to get my son to do things, I had to reward him. And it worked because iwhether you are using a punishment or reward system to keep them in check, they are still learning how to stay in check!

Answer #27

I love your response. This is something I have to try ASAP.. Thanks!

Answer #28

Slap her hand, that’s what I do.

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