Do you believe all students in public schools should be subjected to random drug screens?

Answer #1

According to the 4th amendment of our constitution, authorities need a warrant or probable cause in order to search. Searching body fluids is every bit as invasive as searching through one’s home. The equal protection clause of the 14th amendment extends our 4th amendment protections from the federal government to state and local governments. Moreover, Health Insurance Portability Act (HIPA) gives us rights to keep health information private. There are bona fide medical uses for controlled substances that are screened for. Also some other medications can cause false positives for substances that are screened for. Screening for controlled substance use may force the innocent student to disclose medical conditions to the school that they wish to keep private.

Answer #2


Answer #3

At my school they give random drug test to everyone.

Answer #4

Dont medical conditions have to be reported to the school anyway? Im pretty sure they do here. The school is responsible for the childs wellbeing while they are at school so they need to know about medical conditions

Answer #5

no can’t say i support that i mean what is the point to it. if they forced me to take a drug test when i wasn’t in school i would of been expelled for it. and i had straight A’s and B’s with enough credits for the honors diploma. nothing wrong with my drug use when i was in school.

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