Can you sweat out and test negative for a drug screen?

Is it possible to go into a sauna, excersise like crazy. I have script for valium …but the job I am trying to get does not care… No drugs period weather they are prescribed or not. I am 30 pounds over weight so valium likes to stay in fat cells for a long time…question is… Will long periods in the sauna…the laxitive they give you right before a colonoscopy will any of that work??

Answer #1

Not taking them is the only way to pass a drug screen (however, they have to be testing for Valium to catch it)…Many drug screens are only testing for illegal substances…ie: THC, cocaine, heroin, meth…etc…

Valium builds up in the system…I don’t know how long it takes to get it out…(but this is the reason they say you should always “ease off” Valium, and not cold turkey it).

I think you might have their drug screening policies wrong, however…a whole lot of people have legitamate scripts for drugs…


Answer #2

I find it really hard to believe that there is a job that demands a person stop taking prescribed medication. Talk about setting yourself up for a lawsuit if something happens to the person because they’re off the meds. As for a sauna and exercise, you’re looking at giving yourself serious issues, overdoing both can lead to loss of electrolytes and loss of water of course leading to heat prostration and hyperthermia.

Answer #3

Did you get the job? Or sue for them not allowing you to take prescribed medications?

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