Is it cheaper to have an entire school tested for drugs than just testing the athletes?

Supposedly my entire school is going to be tested for drugs next quarter. I don’t understand why it would be cheaper to test everyone. I mean, it’s no problem for me to be tested since I’m not into any drugs, but I want to know if there could be any truth to this or its just a rumor.

Answer #1

It would not be cheaper to do the testing, however it would be less discriminatory, and therefore fairer.
. I guess if someone was tested selectively, while others were routinely left untested, they might be able to sue for compensation - and if that was successful, it would probably have been cheaper overall to test everybody thus avoiding any such claim of discriminatory behaviour. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #2

The only reason why the athletes get tested is because of the regulations. If a whole school got tested then we would probably have too much expulsions or suspensions. Although school administrators want you to stay of the drugs, they dont want to embarrass they school’s reputation.

Answer #3

It isn’t legal to test everyone for drugs. They can test athletes because playing a sport is not a right, it is a privilege, while getting an education is a right. An athlete can refuse, but then they just can’t play that sport. What are they going to do with people who refuse to get drug tested? Kick them all out? Also, they can’t prove when the drug was taken. They’re not the police, they have no right to regulate behavior that happens outside of school grounds. I sincerely doubt that any high school is going to be drug testing all its kids. It would open it self up to law suits. Which would be stupid.

Answer #4

It may not be legal in some countries, but the questioner’s profile indicates that she lives in the USA where “… the Supreme Court granted public schools the legal permission to administer random drug tests for student athletes in 2002 …” [ quoted from ]. I imagine that any Public School that includes “athletics” (or any athletic endeavour) as a compulsory part of the curriculum, could identify all its pupils as “student athletes”, also the term “random” does legitimately include the selection of all members of the target set as for example the random selection sequence of every card in a shuffled deck when each card has its face exposed randomly without replacement back into the pack until the whole pack has been exposed.

Answer #5

I’d love to see them get away with that argument in court. In the land where people love to sue (and win the most frivolous law suits) they would be taking big risks.

Answer #6

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Answer #7

I don’t think so, its cheaper to just test the sports teams

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