How to get rid of bugs in your home?

been seening more bugs in the house lately, mostly roaches.. i thinks they’re coming from outside cause i never seen them in the summer time or nothing… any tips to help get rid of this problem? Maybe bleach the floor?… also got a mouse and some spider running loose somewhere o.o

Answer #1

I recommend you get professionals in (unless it is a minor infestation) as they will have the necessary protective gear, and safety measures to ensure that you are not poisoned by dangerous insecticides.

The following link gives a list of approved pest control companies in your area.

For minor infestations, you may feel that it is safe to do the job yourself using a retail insecticide such as could be used in the garden to exterminate an ant’s nest.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #2

blah come on..,. we poor,, we can’t afford thats

Answer #3

I don’t know about your own local authority, but round here ( in the UK ) an unemployed person, person on low income, or socially disadvantaged individual (e.g. disabled) would have the service provided free of charge by the local authority (e.g. Metropolitan Borough Council).

It might be that you can get some similar assistance (especially if, for example, your girl friend visits with her baby - thus putting the child at risk as well).

Anyway, how bad is the infestation, and what type of bugs are they ?

– M.

Answer #4

Sorry - missed the additional stuff about the roaches & mouse.

Roaches are particularly difficult to eradicate I am afraid, they are often almost immune to the insecticides that are available over the counter.

Answer #5

Take a look at this:

Good luck with it.

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Answer #7

If you dont have the money for a pest control.You may want to try cyanne pepper and hot water in spray bottle. When i first tried this i had my doughts.But this really does work.

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