How do you get rid of bed bugs ?

I found bed bugs in my daughters crib … I threw out the old mattress and bedding and bought new ones .. I was wondering if that would b the end of them but someone told me they can live in carpet and clothing … Does anyone know how to get Rid of them ?

Answer #1

Okay first think to do is vacuum anything possible like matresses and carpet floors. It first make sure to put most the clothes in big bags and seal them tight. Then start checking anything like furniture made out of wood and if not just clean and clean. I head that cleanin furniture with pinesol might attract then away. Then just make sure that cloths that have been in that area dot touch most of the other rooms because these little guys stick to black clothing or even anytype of clothing and it will soon cause chaos to your home! Try to do this as many times possible. maybe every 3 to 6 days depending on how many you have. Well gooodluck<3333 take care of your baby because those bed bug bites get really itchy!

Answer #2

Vaccum your daughters room it will get most of them out And mayb you should Wash all her stuff animals and blankets hope it helps

Answer #3

And I forgot to mention to wash all your clothes. Sorry on the prior comment I left you before had many mistakes. I’m sorrry. But I’m sure you will understand it(:

Answer #4

I’d call an exterminator to come over and see what he thinks.

Answer #5

You have a daughter who is still a baby. Don’t mess around with home remedies. Ask the managers at the local hotels, day care centers, and furniture dealers for their recommendation for a good exterminator. If you have a local university with an urban entomology department, go ask them. Then go hire the exterminator whose name comes up often in those recommendations.

Answer #6

the most reliable way to get rid of bed bugs is to overheat them, i believe they will die in temperatures above 120 degrees.

simply getting rid of your bedding will not do it- bed bugs can bore tiny holes in wood and they also hide in crevices and cracks in anything made of wood, they can hide pretty much anywhere .

bed bug exterminators have a special machine like a giant high heat blow dryer that they will blast the infected areas with- most likely the entire house or apartment.

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