Stranded at trying to ollie on my skateboard

How do I get so high off the ground when doing an ollie? I now that you have to press down on the tail off your skateboard and jump, but I can only get 1 inch off the ground!

Answer #1

snap down on the tail really really hard. it will help

Answer #2

Place your feet as follows: Back foot on the tail, with your little tow even with the edge of the board, and the front in the middle of your board.

With the back foot, quickly pop your foot down and snap it back up. At the same time you are popping you should be dragging your front foot up the board. As soon as your front foot reaches the front truck you need to put your back foot on the back trucks and push down. The ground is coming so bend your knees. The key word is drag! You have to drag your foot up.

A lot of people just slam their foot as soon as they pop, but you need to drag. Usually what happens is you learn to slam your foot down as soon as you pop. I can’t say enough about this because almost everyone slams. YOU NEED TO DRAG!!

Another common problem is when you pop sometimes your board doesn’t get in the air because you didn’t snap your foot back up. You need to snap your foot back up as quick as possible. This problem is easily fixable though.

From hear I can’t tell you much more. You have to practice, practice, practice. If you’re still slamming your foot and not dragging, then you probably know that I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall or lamp post. You need to drag! If you want to get a higher Ollie, you have to pop quicker and drag higher on your board.

Answer #3

-You gotta pop the board up by ‘stomping’ the tail then try and slide you’re other foot up pretty close to the nose to level out, shift your weight from the back foot to the front…if you already have the basic concept down just keep practicing.

Answer #4

the harder you snap your foot down the higher youll go..remember to slide the foot up though…just practice and youll get it..every single time I ollie I get sort of comes natural (to me anyways) you can always learn tricks on youtube too but thats just to learn the form

Answer #5

Do all the steps the same but.. when you press down on the tail, move your foot faster then what you do and you will get higher thats what worked fo rme..

I can explain that good but try that if you cant get that fun mail me and I will get my skateboard and do the steps over the internet with you..

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