any skateboarders online??

I started skating a while ago and im so scared to get back on my board ever sence I busted my sh!tt on it and I was only trying to do an ollie! but anyways any tips for me on how to do an ollie???

Answer #1

Don’t be a b*tch and stop skating cause you got hurt… That’s where you’ll go wrong!

Answer #2

some skaters are haters! idkk

well, if you get hurt dont stop skating is really fun I started at age 11 now im 13 I mastered a lot new tricks I did get hurt and I still do and youll probably never stop getting hurt even ryan sheckler gets hurt and hes a “pro!”

stay strong sk84life

Answer #3

yep, as my user name says, I love to skate and I’ve been skating for around 6 years now as for how to ollie first remember that its going to take a lot of practice you might not get it in a day, or even a week hell it might even take a whole month to learn but the key its to practice and stick with it put both feet on the board your back food on the tail and your front food just below the bolts pop the board up with your backfoot while swinging your arms up to get some air as your in the air and right after you pop the board drag your front foot closer towards the bolts while your doing this lift your back foot up so the board becomes level under you then stamp down and land it

Answer #4

its pretty basic. tip of your toe on the tail to get more pop. front foot about half way up and about 1/2 way on the board. pop with your back foot and slide your front foot up to the bolts. its basically trial and error. try it out on your carpet or in the grass. work your way to maybe two of your wheels in a crack and trying that. good luck =) sk84lyfe

Answer #5

well first you want to make sure your feet are not too far apart

then you push down with your back foot

and then you move your front foot forward

and add a little jump in it

and you practice it a little

and you got an ollie

Answer #6

Here are some different techniques you might want to try:

Take care !!

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