How do I learn to skateboard?

Ok I got a skateboard and a skatepark is nearby im scared to try do you have any tips

Btw is there such thing as a skateboarding coach?

Roller blading and bikes were easy to learn to ride it’s so hard to practice to skateboard!

Answer #1

hey you know man I have skated for about 4 years im sponsored and other stuff and I would have to say since you got a board man walk around your nieborhood try to get down the ollie and mannual and then go to that skatepark and ask some people if they can help you out on some stuff no one will laugh most skaters stick to there selfs so just have fun…

Answer #2

go on youtube and they teach you certain things…if you want someone to train you ask a friend who skateboard or go to a skate park and ask someone there…yeah I think their are skate coaches but whats the point of it getting one and wasting money when you can just ask a friend

Answer #3

I taught myself I kinda just had a feel for it but if therz anything you need to know just ask a guy. oh and dont start off at the skatepark. learn the basics so you dont look retarded

Answer #4

There is a neat ebook out there that has helped me a lot!

I’d also recommend googling “learn how to skateboard”. There’s some great videos out there, but that ebook really helped me a lot. :)

Answer #5

I don’t think there is such thing as a skateboarding coach.

You can really only learn tricks and new things by people, videos, and magazines/books. You should start off by learning simple tricks like the ollie. Or practice turning/balancing. I recommend ‘’Tony Hawk Trick tips’’ video(s) You can order it from your public library. They help a lot! Also read the books! And practice skating with a friend!

Answer #6

woops! Duplicate. :)

Answer #7

well I dont really know tbh but if you have any friends who know you could get them to teach you.

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